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1st test run

Par Amazedfurball#7119 30 Octobre 2018 - 22:56:48
I have received the game and have cracked it open and I have been play testing with 2 monster families the Vamps & Critters.

so my only thoughts are this, it is meant for more than 2 as the game will be over rather quickly as effectivly you have 9 turns each toget everything done you need to.

The issue I've found with the critters the game will end just after the last critter has been placed yes there great as the abilities stack and you dont wanna go first with them in fact I see going first in this game as a disadvantage you definatley want ro go last.

have I missed something?

do you unexhaust your cards at the end of each round once you have all 3 in play?

I am loving the game though wink
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You play only one monster per turn and tap them (turn them face down) until all family members have been played. Then at 2 pm, you reactivate them (turn them face up) and play them again, one per turn. The Critters have quite a few exceptions to the rules so I would recommend using a different family while learning to play. The more players you have, the quicker it plays in terms of game turns as there are more monsters with actions per turn.
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