Welcome to the gentle life!
Can you hear that purring?

Don't worry, it's only your four-legged friend rubbing up affectionately against your leg, begging you to pick him up and give him a cuddle. For all his airs and graces, Bow Meow® only wants one thing: for you to adopt him! Behind the chic and refined design, he only puts his paw to items of "visible quality". Aesthetic appeal, creativity, humour and tenderness are the strong points of this universe that's offering itself to you in all felinity. What are you waiting for? Take him home!

Our Values



Paw prints on your desk Follow the delicate paw prints left behind on your folder and pencil case!
They will surely lead you to the guilty party, licking his paws in a corner to get rid of the evidence.

That's right! Now you can keep Bow Meow by your side even when you're at school or work! This faithful pet always keeps his eyes and ears peeled in class or at meetings, because he doesn't want you to miss a trick. Sadly, he can't actually tell you anything... the cat seems to have got his tongue!


Your kitty will never leave your side Wherever you go, he always has one half-closed eye on you. Whether you're at school, at work, or out shopping, he will either be circling around your ankles or asleep on your knee.

Your favourite kitty is always up for adventures... of all shapes and sizes! The ever-versatile Bow Meow caters to all your travelling needs, becoming practical, compact or stylish for any occasion... and he's made of solid stuff! Approved by the feline authorities*.
*Bow Meow tests out all his bags... with his claws!

Creative Leisure

A purr, a sigh and plenty of imagination If you're feeling calm and inspired, make the most of it. Bow Meow will always let your imagination run wild...

He would much rather be lying stretched out, preening and purring.
Take a relaxing, creative break: get comfortable with a mug of hot chocolate, put some calming music on or open the window to hear the birds singing... and complete the perfect scene with the Bow Meow creative leisure pack! Just beware - the moggy might get nasty if a Piwi gets too close. Especially if he's hungry...


Purrfect clothing with charm you'll simply lap up This is what happens when you let your Bow Meow play with a ball of yarn. Some are good for snuggling up with, others like things they can get their claws into...

One thing's for sure, though, there's a good chance they'll find a home in your wardrobe.
Bow Meow hates water, but his clothes are made for jumping in puddles! So don't be a wet blanket if your little one comes home covered in mud... Sometimes, having adventures is a messy business!

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