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Bananaland Military arsenal


Dear bananafriends, Bananalanders,
The situation is serious!

I, Banana King, your banana in chief, must confess something to you... For the first time in the history of the bananas: there's a slip-up. At present, I'm skinned! Nothing, nada, no more dough, not so much as a single Golden Banana! As a leader, THAT WON'T DO AT ALL! I don't even have enough left to pay for a bodyguard. In truth, I do have one, but... it's a kiwi. A KIWI! Honestly, who's afraid of a kiwi? It doesn't even look ripe... In short, if our rivals realize this, those unscrupulous monkeys, those primidiotst, they'll peel us!

That is why I am calling upon all banana communities, sexy yellow unpeeled fruit fans: follow our KINGSTARTER page, like, share, banaback, banabank! And you'll see straight away how bananas can blaze!

Give me a Bananarmy, I'll give you the world of the bananas!

I'll open the doors to Bananaland for you without worry, as my fresh and experienced Bananarmy will ensure safety against hairy intruders who would dare to venture inside. 

Banana King's Army


The least super of superhero monkeys was right about my troops...
Each of them attacked him tirelessly, methodically, but it was no good: the baboon won. From this, I must face the consequences... That is why I have decided to take a step back from politi...

After all, isn't my Bananarmy the sum of all my troops? Did I not bananally send them like chimps to the slaughter , by sending them out on missions in turn? Yet together, they would have made short work of that hairy creature! Oh my bananafriends... I feel that business is taking off again!

Let him come to Bananaland! Let the great King Tongue use his grapnel like he's never errr... grapnelled... Let him propel himself, let him roll and fight if he's brave enough! My Bananarmy united together, standing as tall as a banana tree, will await him! Bananazookas, Bananacopters, Superbananas... they'll all be there! The only way the monkey will get out of Bananaland is peeled out feet first... (Wait, I'm uncertain... "feet" or "paws" first? "His hind paws first"?)...

In any case, it's gonna go down in BANANA SPLITS!!!

Bananablablas (1)

THANK YOU! Thanks to you, the Bananosaurs will take care of his fate!
Bananafriends, Banabackers and Bananalanders! I have a dream... In that dream, all bananas, green and unripe, yellow and mottled - you know, the ones that are starting to go bad, and well, even those ones - all bananas! They all had weapons each more devastating than the last, and each one of them had but one same mission: to blow up that primate king, that homo neither habilis nor erectus, public enemy no. 1 in Bananaland: King Tongue!
This dream is about to come true, and all thanks to you! That wrongful mentor will suffer the fate that our Bananosaur troops have reserved for him! Thank you for your trust, long live yellow, long live fruit, and long live bananas!

Bananablablas (3)

For 1000 Golden Bananas,
the BANANOSAURS will impose the law in the strongest way!

A dinosaur, on its own, that's quite cool... A dinosaur mixed with a banana? Aaaah, now that's moving up a level! Now, a dinosaur mixed with a banana... and which fires missiles! Honestly... WHO WOULDN'T BANABACK TO SEE THAT!?

Bananablablas (4)

The monkey, cheap'n'rubbish Caesar, has made everything go south yet again!
Bananas and Bananas, all is not lost: before admitting defeat, we have one final advantage...

Bananablablas (2)

THANK YOU! Thanks to you, the Banaballoons shall rise up!
And there's a good chance they'll reach the very top! Once in position, they'll only have one task left: to mine the land...

Bananablablas (2)

For 1000 Golden Bananas,
the BANABALLOONS will pump him full of air!

After a few tummyfulls, you sometimes feel like a balloon... But it's quite the opposite for the Banaballoons: they think of nothing but having a gas! Perched up high, they peel off a bad mood by jettisoning mines that stick to the opponents like glue. War is also made of low blows... or high ones, we don't really know. BANABACK!

Bananablablas (3)


No need to grab any Golden Bananas from your pocket, it's free! Better still, you receive gifts! All you have to do is click on the links above: each click will shake the banana tree, making a certain number of Golden Bananas fall into Banana King's pocket, and mystery gifts fall into yours! Also, you'll see the Bananarmy grow live! Woohoo!

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