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  • All our games in one click!
  • Easy downloads and installation of updates
  • All the latest news from your favorite universes
  • Direct access to the latest changelogs, news and devblog
  • New features on a regular basis (e.g., multiple accounts on DOFUS 2)

With chat now available on all pages of the app,
you can stay in contact with your friends at any time! Chat with them in-game and outside the game, enjoy your adventure in full screen, create groups to find them easily, and set off together on your next quest!

Free for All Subscribers!*

Watch the animated series that will make you fall in love with our games
even more! The whole Krozmos is there! And if you're a subscriber, it's free.* Free for players with a DOFUS subscription or active WAKFU booster.


Mini-Wakfu features Yugo and his friends in a style halfway between the animated series and the video game.

Yugo, a 12-year-old Eliatrope with magical powers, embarks on a journey to find his true family and uncover the mysteries of Wakfu.

Kerub Crepin's stall is a real treasure trove!
Discover (or re-discover!) the extraordinary adventures of the coolest Grampy in the Krosmoz.

the Shop

Your shopping is also getting a new look!
You no longer need to go to another site to enter your bank details, buy ogrines, subscriptions, booster packs or items: do all your shopping from the same place, quickly and easily.