A Transmedia Adventure
Walk in the footsteps of the World of Twelve's next great hero! 
From an animated series and webtoon to a figurine, a new character class in DOFUS, and all-new creatures and areas in WAKFU, DOFUS Touch and WAVEN, this grizzled old warrior will soon be everywhere...

Let's talk about the recent information you might have heard of...

Yesterday, some of you saw an interview with Tot where he shared something quite monumental. We want to clarify some details, as it wasn't something that was shared on our official channels or platforms, and we thought it was only fair to share the information with our entire community.

What is going to happen on DOFUS at the end of the year?

A new class (the 19th one) is coming, but we kiiiind of hinted at that before, during the last few streams. There was once when somebody asked if a new class was coming and while Djinn remained focused on keeping it under wraps saying "no", Logan tried to give you a sign.

And during the latest AnkamaLive stream before today, Djinn asked Logan what was coming at the end of the year, and Logan specifically said "Ce qu'on vous a prévu pour la fin d'année, ça va être classe.*" and nobody understood.

*"And for the end of year in-game content, it's awesome" (classe= awesome) is a homophone of "class", which has the same meaning in French as it does in English.

In truth, we are thrilled that Tot spoke about it. Of course, our plans were to make the suspense last a little longer, to organize a bit better the way things were going to be revealed to you all. Still, the most important thing is that the information is now available for everyone to enjoy. But! We need to tell you something else: There is a new class, but there is so much more…


Let's talk about the overall project

We're not just working on a standalone new class: we are working on a vast transmedia project – as usual, we are Ankama, after all! – that we keep under wraps, despite the desire to giddily share what is in the pipeline with you but painstakingly depriving ourselves of doing so, and DOFUS is just one piece of the puzzle.

This project – code name "Lancedur" (the name has not yet been translated, but it was mentioned during last year's Krosmonote.) - starts with a mini animated series of roughly seven 10-minute-long episodes that will tell a remarkably emotional tale of a bunch of warriors and how they end their fighting careers. This story is called “La dernière quête du Compte Lancedur” (Count Lacedur’s final quest – not an official translation).

It occurs in the Krosmoz, specifically between the WAKFU and the WAVEN timeline. It is important to note that while this specific period is a pivotal era between these two Krosmoz ages, it will not be addressed during this cross-media project, but rather during Season 4 of the WAKFU series.

Lancedur is more adult and intimate, sombre, and dramatic. A beautiful story of old heroes who have had their glory days but also deal with physical constraints due to their age. Yet, despite this, they must embark on a new adventure. This is as much as we will say on the series for now; the plan is to release the episodes on Anime Digital Network in January.

Aside from the mini-series anime, the project is branching out towards comics, mangas, and board games, all to our games.

Lancedur project on DOFUS

Being a cross-media project means we tell a story across multiple channels, benefiting everyone. For us, it is a celebration of our excitement for the story and on the way we will share it across the board, its impact on the games, without going too much into detail, such as new areas, new tales, and new monsters, like this guy over here:

Who is a boss you will get the opportunity to face if you come to visit us at the Japan Expo. Cire Momore is not a convention boss, so if you can't go, no worries: you will get your chance to smack him around in-game later in the year.

So, where were we… ah yes! New boss, a new in-game area and, on DOFUS 2, a new class! Just because the WAKFU and DOFUS Touch won't get a new class, it doesn't mean there won't be ANYTHING for them. All the different Ankama Games' teams are working on something for their games as part of this Lancedur cross-media project.

We won't tell you what class it is nor what they are about; we will let you uncover details and read up on the information as it is released.

We want to be as straightforward as possible on the following right off the bat. For DOFUS, this class will be released during the year's last update. Therefore, it will not be available to be tested at the Japan Expo convention next month. So we all must be patient together, as hard as it will be for us all!

(It was so hard for us to keep this for ourselves, but we do feel a tremendous sense of relief to be able to talk about it. Even now, as we write these words… ok, focus, back to the write-up!)

What now?

In the coming weeks, just not right now, we will share a calendar with some evident details (like the new class release, surprise, surprise!) with dates. Still, we will also add some hidden items for fun, where you would have to guess what is hidden behind those dates and what will happen. This also means you will know when we will reach out to you with more information about what we have up our sleeves. We have a beautiful story, a brand new area in-game, and we will have many things to share with you over the next 6 months.

So keep an eye out as most of you missed our past hints!

Quick Q&A session


Is it a new god?

We cannot answer that right now, but the opportunity presents itself to say there is a logical reason for the arrival of the class. It is deeply anchored into the Krosmoz lore and the stories we have told over the last few years. The class has a full background and mythological elements to it.

Is the new class' gameplay brand new and different from the existing class mechanics?

We're going to spill the beans. When Djinn was given the concept of the class his reaction was "meh", but once the Game Designers explained the class mechanics, the "meh" became a "wow!". The only thing we will give you right now: it will be a 2-star class in terms of difficulty.

Why are you not telling us everything?

If we tell you everything now, you will be frustrated and bored for several months until the class is ready to be released. So we need to pace the information,to keep it exciting and fun for everyone so that things still feel fresh and interesting once it is released.

The Lance Dur transmedia adventure, which started with the launch of its website, is now officially underway! It's a story packed with information, exclusive images, and tons of revelations about this new hero in the Krosmoz and the in-game impact he'll be having over the weeks and months to come… Welcome to the very first of a continuing series of Forgenews posts!

The name "Lance Dur" hides a plethora of mysteries and surprises…

The starting point is an animated series entitled The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur. It was dreamed up by Tot, the creator of the WAKFU animated series and the movies DOFUS Book I: Julith and Princess Dragon, not to mention the MMORPGs you all know and love.

As the name of the series suggests, Tot wanted to tell the story of the final quest of an old adventurer who still had plenty of life and fight in him and much to prove despite his creaky bones (and perhaps more than that, since he'll have to overcome his age-related weaknesses).

As production on the series progressed, every aspect of Lance Dur's story – the hero, his friends and adversaries, and the places he would visit – fell into place and came to life within the Krosmoz as a whole. The settings, creatures and characters all had their own story to tell from one era to the next, and thus from one game to the next.

A new class, new areas, new bosses and other creatures will therefore be appearing in your video games, opening exciting and unexpected new doors in your adventure.

While the new character class will only be in DOFUS, each game will have its share of new content and its own story to tell.

And at the end of your journey, in January, perhaps you'll be ready to discover what started it all and is behind everything – the animated series! It is therefore both the starting point and the destination.

Background: The Stranger

Hearty laughter competed with the sound of fistfuls of kamas cascading over the bar to pay for round after round. The city once known as a den of mercenaries was gearing up for the next day's hangovers, not yet suspecting that the fun was about to grind to a halt.

The stranger stepped into the inn through the swinging doors. Their squeaking contrasted sharply with the cheery atmosphere inside. Everyone turned to stare at the unknown face, and their expressions darkened. The adventurer's keen gaze scanned the room, moving from one table to the next as though he were looking for someone. His jaw remained tightly clenched. He entered with a slow, heavy gait, each step amplified by the rattling of a thin chain against the long weapon hanging on his back.


Behind the bar, innkeeper Tek Abir set down the glass he was polishing and tapped pointedly on a sign that read, "Leave your weapons behind the bar or take your thirst elsewhere!"

Aware that he was now the center of attention, the stranger dressed in gold and azure swept his gaze around the room before passing the dark leather weapon strap over his head. He revealed a shining lance that would have been truly marvelous if it hadn't been split from base to tip. The crowd fidgeted nervously. You didn't see a weapon like that around here every day. The stranger set it behind the bar amongst countless whips, axes, daggers, hammers, shields and swords.

"Another one!"

"We're seeing more and more of 'em these days…"

"Why don't they just stay on their island?"

"Get a load of that haircut!"

The adventurer ran his hand over the tuft of hair on top of his head, then briefly rubbed the close-shaved stubble on the back and sides. He smiled. Then he walked up to the innkeeper.

"I'm looking for a blacksmith."

Tek Abir was about to answer when a voice rang out in the inn.

"What happened to your spear there, buddy? Did you jam it in a Crackler's rear end or something?"

"Come on, boys, be nice… It was his first time!"

Roars of laughter erupted around the table where a massive Iop was surrounded by a fine selection of itinerant adventurers. The stranger glanced over at the beer tap and signaled to the innkeeper, who immediately served him up a pint. He moistened his lips in the foam, took a couple of thirsty gulps, and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

"I had a nasty run-in on the high road," he said without turning around. He hesitated for a moment, then sighed and took another long sip.

"Well… go on, then, stranger! Tell us about it! We could use some new stories around here!" said the Iop.

"All right… Who knows, maybe you can help me. I was with my brother, Dayd. We had just come over from Albuera, and we thought the worst was over once the ship had made port. I hadn't seen my little brother in a long time and swapping stories of our adventures by the fire with him after so many years was a real blessing. We ate and laughed together for hours. Still, it felt like there was something… broken, something not quite right. He was worried about something, and he didn't want to talk about it. And that's when that… thing showed up."


The stranger paused for a moment. He seemed to be reliving the scene in his mind.

"What thing?" asked someone in the crowd.

"Some sort of armored colossus. I didn't get a good look at it… mostly I saw was my brother's face when the creature loomed up behind me. It was as though he was looking at… Death itself. Dayd went so pale. I thought he was about to die right before my eyes!" He laughed briefly. "I remember asking him: 'Hey there, little brother! Are you having a heart attack or something?' But the only answer I got was… that look of abject terror."

"Well, what happened?" asked a different voice from the crowd.


The stranger suddenly spun around, his cape swirling behind him, and began acting out the scene:

"When I heard heavy footsteps behind me, I turned around, drew my lance, and hit it with a hard jab… It was so huge that it was impossible to miss! But my trusty weapon just slid off its solid chest. Completely solid and unyielding… like a wall. After that, it was like a mountain rolling over me without taking the slightest notice of me… That thing was after Dayd, and I was just a pathetic little bump on its path to what it really wanted. It didn't even glance at me. Then, I cast my most powerful spell and attacked it from behind. Dishonorable, I suppose, but I had no other choice if I wanted to stop it and save my brother…"

"And then…?" asked Tek Abir in turn, captivated by the stranger's tale.

"That titan batted my lance aside like it was nothing – repelling my attack, breaking my weapon and throwing me to the ground. By the time I woke up from that one powerful blow, there was no trace that it had ever even existed. And not the slightest trace of my brother…"


Then the stranger raised his fist and exhorted the crowd:

"That's why, once my lance is repaired, I'll be heading back out to find that monster and take it down. And any adventurer who's valiant enough to join me will be more than welcome at my side!!!"


An heavy silence fell over the inn… followed by a wave of raucous laughter! Guests raised their tankards with a cheer and emptied their kamas out onto their tables. The burly Iop's group surrounded the stranger to offer him a round and slap him on the back as he looked at the innkeeper in complete bewilderment.

"We haven't heard a story that epic in ages, my friend!" Tek Abir explained. "I don't think you'll be needing to pay for any of your own drinks tonight!"

"But everything I said is the truth!"

"No need to keep up the act, stranger… Your arrival in Astrub is a success! All that's left now is to keep telling your story over and over to whoever wants to pay the next round…"


The big Iop emerged from the crowd and grabbed the hero of the day by his shoulders:

"Well told, man! Now tell me this: as the greatest teller of tall tales I've seen around here in months, what name do you go by?"

The stranger took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes just a bit.

"My name is Swood. Klimti Swood."

The Iop looked at his Ouginak companion just beside him, who was already smiling with his tongue hanging out. Then they both burst out in uncontrolled laughter:

"Hahahahaha! I knew that Forgelances were bold, and I knew they were braggarts, but I never knew they could be so funny! Klimti Swood! Haha! I love this guy!" He picked up a tankard. "Now tell me a bit about Albuera…"

To be continued…

Will Klimti Swood the Forgelance ever find his brother? Will he find a blacksmith to repair his ruined lance? Will he even manage to get out of this inn?

Find out in the next FORGENEWS…


Game Design: The Forgelance Heritage

As you've probably already guessed, the name of the new character class is:


This will be a playable class in DOFUS starting at the end of 2022, and you can learn more about the Forgelances from NPCs and new areas in WAKFU, DOFUS Touch and WAVEN.

Each Forgenews post (See what we did there? "Forgenews". Like "Forgelance". Get it? Clever, right?) will reveal a different aspect of the game design for these new characters. Today, we'll start by revealing not only the class icon above, but also the class's main roles in-game. Doesn't that sound nice?


Damage Dealer / Positioner / Protector



That should give you an initial idea of the new class that's on its way…

To learn more, you'll have to wait for Forgenews #2 in October!

Artistic Design: Albuera

Albuera is, in a way, Lance Dur's kingdom in the animated series. That's where it all starts – and for many of you, your own adventure will start there too, because this island will soon be appearing in-game in DOFUS, DOFUS Touch and WAVEN!

Between the Dofus Era and the time period of the anime  – which takes place in the Waven Era – the city and the areas around it will experience drastic change… and that's just one of the interesting details for you to discover as you move from one form of media to the next. As we've been saying all along, Lance Dur is truly a transmedia adventure!


Albuera in DOFUS (WIP)
Albuera in DOFUS (WIP)


Albuera in DOFUS
Albuera in DOFUS Touch
Albuera in the animated series
Albuera in WAVEN


So, what do you think of this new island? Are you looking forward to visiting it in the games? And, in the series? Albuera won't be appearing in WAKFU just yet, but next time we'll tell you about a character who will most definitely become one of its newest iconic bosses… Patience!

Animation: Synopsis

Synopsis 1

A once-legendary hero, Lance Dur, now a grumpy old man riddled with an old man's aches and pains, takes up arms once more to free his granddaughter Ozie from a powerful demonic witch. Backed by his former companions in adventure, who are now every bit as stiff and sore as he is, he'll have to prove to the world – and more importantly, to himself – that he's still good for something.

  • Original work: Ankama
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
  • Release date: Early 2023
  • Number of episodes: 7 x 10 minutes
  • Original French version streaming via: ADN
  • Animation studios: Ankama, Andarta Pictures
Synopsis 2

At a birthday celebration for an old king who's closer to the end of his life than the beginning, a mysterious witch interrupts the festivities and kidnaps several children, including the young princess of the kingdom.

Despite his advanced age, his tired old bones and his seeming weakness, the king decides to take up arms one last time and venture forth to save the children.

Thus begins his what will be his last adventure, accompanied by his old comrades in arms, who are just as decrepit as he is… but more motivated than ever to show off their skills one more time!



There you have it!

You now know a bit more about the Lance Dur transmedia adventure and its in-game repercussions – but we're just getting started on revealing this new content. Patience! There will be something for everyone!

See you in October for Forgenews #2!


And to find out what's in store for you in the weeks and months to come, visit the Lance Dur website.

After months packed with new merchandise, did you really think that the Ankama Shop team would hunker down in their lair and hibernate all winter? Ha ha! You clearly don't know them at all… They're already busy abusing testing upcoming tie-in merchandise. If you want to know more about what they're up to, check out the livestream devoted specifically to upcoming releases and goodies at 4:00 p.m. (CEST) on Thursday, October 20!

The livestream at 4:00 p.m. (CEST) on Thursday, October 20 will be devoted entirely to future tie-in merchandise. In it, you'll see the friendly familiar faces of Dewitt, Bam and Fab along with a few guests – all happy to unveil what'll soon be waiting for you in the Ankama Shop.

It'll also be an opportunity to talk with you and answer all your questions! (Well, almost all… Don't get too excited!)


There's No Escaping…

As you know, Ankama's news is making noise – a metallic noise, the clinking of an imposing coat of armor and the sound of a sharp blade gouging lines in the floor. The villain of the animated series The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur, Cire Momore is the center of attention. That name is on everyone's lips – but whispered very softly out of fear that Cire might appear. Because once this gloomy knight has you in his sights, he'll never let you go!

A Christmas sweater that'll keep you warm all winter and posters spotted at Japan Expo 2022 – the gloomy knight has pride of place in the latest tie-in merchandise releases.

You couldn't get away from him this summer during Japan Expo and now he'll spend all winter all over you. And you know what? You're going to love it… Just like Cire Momore, this Christmas sweater is going to keep you toasty warm!

Maybe you saw them in the halls at the Japan Expo 2022. Now, this knight with a candle for a head can adorn your walls thanks to these three posters. You'd have to leave the lights on when nobody's home with something like that, you might say… But deep down, you know you really want to, right?


These goodies – and many more – are waiting for you in the Ankama Shop.


It's been a while since you received any Lance Dur news and learned more about its impact in-game… but your next dose of spoilers is here! The next part of Klimti Swood's story, clues, exclusive images and revelations about what's in store at the end of the year: It's all here and on the Lance Dur website!

In the last episode…

We previously spoke to you about the starting point for everything that will be coming to the game, webtoon, and even merchandise in the coming weeks and months. It all started with The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur, an animated series created by Tot, which tells of the final quest of an old adventurer and his guild who are still eager for a good fight despite the arthritis in their joints. Facing great dangers and giving out a good butt-whooping never gets old!

A new class, new areas, new bosses and creatures: Each game will write a part of their story and enhance your adventure along the way. Although the new character class will only be available in DOFUS, you will see from reading all the Forgenews articles that all games have a great year-end update in store for you!

The story of Klimti Swood revealed the name of the new Forgelance class as well as the island they come from: Albuera. A few days from now, you will be able to explore it in DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAVEN, the anime… and this Friday, October 28, during the KrosmoNote! When we last heard about Klimti Swood, the lancer was searching for a blacksmith in the city of Astrub so he could get his precious weapon mended. It had broken while fighting to save his brother from an armored colossus…



Background: The Blacksmith

A fierce fire was crackling in the forge. The heat was so intense that the hearth appeared to be rippling. A pair of iron tongs reached into the fiery maw to pull out a red-glowing metal plate. It was placed on the anvil, ready to be hammered. The blacksmith had just a few seconds to work on it before the metal hardened. He worked meticulously with intense focus. But he still noticed a shaft of light suddenly reflecting off an ax on his workbench. It was daylight. Someone had opened his front door. He finished off a series of strikes before placing the hammer down.

"I'll be with you right away!" he said without turning around.


Fergus wore round protective goggles, which were completely opaque, even on the sides. It was hard to believe he could see anything through those pitch-black lenses. When the stocky Enutrof pulled them up onto his forehead, they left a stark white stripe across his sooty face. He removed his gloves, turned around, and jumped in surprise when he realized his visitor was already standing in the middle of his workshop.

"By my beard! Is that how you usually enter people's houses?!"

"Please excuse me, I'm not always the most… patient of people," said an adventurer wearing a gold and azure outfit and sporting a remarkably upright crest of hair.

"It's fine, don't you worry about it… So, what can I do for you, my friend?"


The visitor took a long weapon from off his back. It was split all along its shaft to the point. The blacksmith's eyes lit up as the flames behind him reflected in them in a flamboyant dance.

"By Enutrof, what could have ruined such a beauty?"

"You would never believe me…"

"Try me," said Fergus as he took the golden lance to better study it from every angle.

"Very well…" sighed the adventurer. "My name is Klimti Swood and I'm from Albuera. I was on my way to Astrub with my brother when we were suddenly… attacked. Anyhow! My weapon ended up like that, and my brother disappeared. I simply must have it repaired so I can save… well… so I can find my brother."


The Enutrof handed the weapon back to its owner and returned to his work.

"We don't see many Forgelances around here. Although it's becoming more common lately… What brings you to Astrub?"

With two sharp blows, he punched the ends of the plate he had just been working on. The Forgelance was irritated by all the questions but went along with it anyway – he needed the blacksmith's help. But he couldn't help letting out a sigh.

"It's been many years since I saw Dayd… We haven't done an expedition, just the two of us, since we were teens. It was a good opportunity to talk. Or at least to do something together. And Astrub is a great place to start a new adventure, right?"



Fergus turned away from Klimti to attach the plate to a steel support on his workbench.

"And… what attacked you?" pressed the Enutrof. "It must have been powerful to cause such damage… and to flip you over like a pancake!"

"It didn't flip me over like a pancake! I've taken down bigger things than that! I was just surprised, that's all. Surprised by how it suddenly appeared behind me… and by its incredibly thick amor. If I could have faced it in a fair fight, I would have found its weak spot, and I would be selling you its gear right now…"

"So, it was an armored colossus, eh… And did this lucky beast have any other distinctive marks?"

"I didn't have time to look. As I said, it took me completely by surprise. But… it did give off a purplish glow. And I think I even saw…"


"… Well, that it had a candle under its helmet… A candle where its head should have been."


Fergus stopped dead in his tracks. Then he turned back to the item he was making.

"Come here… What do you think?"


Klimti Swood did what he had been asked and took the blacksmith's creation. Fergus climbed on a stool to work the bellows and revive the fire in the forge. Meanwhile, the Forgelance studied what he had in his hands. It was an intimidating helmet, and the flames revealed spaces where there should have been a pair of eyes. The sight of it disturbed him, undoubtedly reminding him of that fateful night.

"It's… wonderful. A true work of art."


A loud hiss wrenched Swood from his thoughts. The blacksmith had just plunged a glowing piece of metal into a water barrel. Then he approached the lancer.

"I'll repair the lance for you, as long as you have the coin to pay for it."

"Thank you."

"But you should know what you're dealing with. If you've crossed paths with the creature I think you have, you won't stop it. You'll never stop it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about something the likes of which you've never seen before. Something you can't fight. And if you do, you need to know what will happen. The only thing that can happen."


"Run, run, whatever you do, Cire Momore is after you…"

"'If you don't finish your plate, Cire Momore will seal your fate…' Yes, yes, I know the rhyme!"

"It's not just a nursery rhyme for kids!" said Fergus. "The creature really exists!"

"Is this what you do, play jokes on foreigners? Or has all the heat in here got to your head?"

"Tell me, did it try to attack you? And I mean you, yourself?"


"Cire Momore, did it pay any attention to you or did it pounce straight onto your brother?"

"I… Well, er…" stammered Klimti before finding the words. "It was as if it didn't even know I was there."


The lancer could tell from the blacksmith's face that this was not good news.

"Mr. Swood…"

"Call me Klimti."

"Mr. Klimti…" The Forgelance rolled his eyes. "Was your brother the type of adventurer that sought out treasure?"

"What do you mean, 'was'? He IS an adventurer! Who lives and breathes, just like everyone else…"

"Did he by chance discover any treasure? Did he tell you anything about it?"

"I don't know anything about any treasure! As I said, we hadn't seen each other in a very long time!"

"Listen to me, Mr. Swood…"

"It's Klimti!"

"As I was saying, I will help you… in exchange for a nice purse of kamas, of course. But, if your brother laid his hands on the treasure of Cire Momore…"


Fergus never finished his sentence. Klimti Swood lowered his head.

The reflection of the flames danced on the dark helmet…


To be continued in the next FORGENEWS…

DOFUS Art Direction: Official Illustrations and Class Sprites

Illustrations, both male and female versions, are a crucial step in exploring a new class. They represent getting a step closer to the concept becoming a reality and adding new fighters to the game. Take a good look at these!


This artwork is by Cynthia Leman, who is also working on the Lance Dur webtoons, which you can see in March 2023.

Excerpt from episode 2 of the webtoon,
In a Count's Shoes

That was well played Lance, but it was a close call... It could have ended badly...
Why don't you entrust Agard to his grandfather?
That's what we do when we leave for our adventures.
There's no way I'm trusting him with my son...

Want more? Enjoy the sprites and faces of some in-game characters!

Come on, stand up straight for the photo!
How about a smile? Hmm… that will do I suppose…

DOFUS Touch Art Direction: Forgelance NPCs

DOFUS Touch will soon have a bevy of non-player characters from the new class to guide you in brand-new adventures! This includes Ayin Spyr, an important NPC who will lend a hand in difficult times…


For more information, don't miss the KrosmoNote in two days!

WAKFU Art Direction: Cire Momore

In WAKFU, you will come face to face with a creature who never backs down and is one of the most terrifying enemies in the whole Krosmoz.


Cire Momore in WAKFU
Cire Momore training while waiting for its guests.
Cire Momore's treasure
Better to leave it alone!

The armored colossus won't be the only one making life difficult for you in the next WAKFU update, but it's a major part of the Lance Dur transmedia adventure.



Merchandise: Cire Momore

Undisputed star of Japan Expo (legend has it that posters of the villain in the bathrooms were so popular that they were ripped off along with their frames…), Cire Momore will be very "present" in the holiday season and early 2023! You can wear it, sport it, display it and even cry with happiness in front of it if you want…

An eye-catching pin!
A beautiful Momore sweater for Christmas
The legendary posters from Japan Expo
The highlight of the show: The inimitable figurine of the relentless Cire Momore!

To learn more, watch a replay of the last Ankama Live:

Animation: Biste and Mouche

In the previous Forgenews, we showed you the "turns" for Lance Dur and Chaille. This time, we're introducing an improbable but particularly endearing couple: Biste and Mouche.

Pretty cute, aren't they?

That's all for today! Feel free to go back and have another look at everything we've talked about. The frequency of posts will be increasing, so get ready for the next one…

In the meantime, we'll see you on Friday, October 28, for the sights and sounds of the KrosmoNote, and in November for Forgenews #3!


To find out what's in store for you in the coming weeks and months, visit the Lance Dur website.

If you haven't read the first Forgenews (or if you've forgotten what was in it), you can find it here!

With the knowledge you've acquired from earlier Forgenews posts and the Krosmonote (that was a fun one, right?), you may think you already know everything there is to know about Lance Dur, the Forgelances and their various adventures. You couldn't be more mistaken.

In the last episode…

The official illustrations and sprites for the new DOFUS class were revealed.

Ayin Spyr, an NPC who will be an essential part of the next DOFUS Touch update, showed his charming face for the first time.

Cire Momore has started to put the fear into you, both in the story of Klimti Swood and in images taken from WAKFU and photos of the cool merch he's inspired.

Biste and Chaille worked it for the camera with poses from the front, the back, alone, as a pair, and even in capes.

Lance Dur shared a part of his life as a young father in a panel from his webtoon.

Let's see, is that everything…?

Klimti Swood met Fergus for the first time. And while the blacksmith agreed to repair Klimti's iconic weapon, he also warned him about the terrible Cire Momore


Background: The Atheist

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the shade of ash and chestnut trees where squirrols play and passing adventurers rest their weary legs, a group of kids were playing without a care in the world. But the calm and serenity of a walk in Astrub Forest should never distract people from being on their guard. Especially not in Boowerewolf Clearing


"Found you!" shouted Wunzy Eyesborne.

Despite his eyepatch, the boy with small horns on his head had noticed a spotted tail poking out of a thicket. Knowing she'd been found out, the Ecaflip had no other choice but to stick out her head and show her scowling face.

"No fair! I always get caught because of my tail!" whined Cindy Stur.

"Well, I never let my horns stick out when I'm hiding!"

"That's not the same thing! Your horns are tiny!"

"Says who?!"

"Let's just play something else," suggested Sinsyr Berrus, the Ouginak who was following along behind Wunzy Eyesborne. "We came here for some scary fun, right? How about a game of Boowerewolf… right here in Boowerewolf Clearing!"

"Yeahhhh!" exclaimed the others in unison… before their faces suddenly contorted in terror.

"What? Have I got a pimple on my snout?"


Just behind the ten-year-old Ouginak, a fearsome pair of yellow eyes appeared amid the shadowy foliage. Below its staring, pupil-less eyes, a row of razor-sharp teeth glinted in the dim light.


The Ecaflip leaped onto the young Osamodas's back, holding on for dear life like a terrified bow meow. The two sprinted away at top speed, leaving their poor canine friend to face the danger alone. Though more than a little unsettled, he still hadn't turned around. He was trying to play the tough guy:

"Ha ha, very funny, guys! I… I know you're just playing a trick on me!"


A hungry growl from behind him sent shivers down his spine. Slowly, with an audible gulp, he turned around. There in front of him was a miliboowolf, licking its chops… Gripped with fear, the young Ouginak fell over backwards and scampered back desperately in a half-seated posture. The monster seemed to be enjoying the show.



As Sinsyr Berrus closed his eyes, certain that the end was nigh, a powerful bolt of bluish lightning struck the terrifying creature. Recovering from his surprise, he opened his eyes and saw the miliboowolf looking more like an boowolfsicle, frozen in place and thoroughly blackened by the attack. Arcs of electricity leapt between the still-smoking whiskers on either side of its snout. Between the boy and the creature, a gleaming lance quivered with its tip embedded in a tree trunk. The miliboowolf shook its head to clear its mind, then looked around to see where the attack had come from. Sinsyr Berrus did the same.


Just a few steps away stood a warrior with a powerful build and a tuft of hair standing proudly on end, alongside a short and stocky Enutrof. With his arm still extended, the tousle-headed adventurer made a tiny movement with his hand that brought the shaft of his weapon flying sharply back into his grip with an impressive crack. The Ouginak youth felt like he was watching it all in slow motion: hundreds of bark fragments swirled all around him and his fur was blown about in the whistling air as the adventurer in blue and gold deftly caught his golden lance that shone as bright as the sun. Then everything seemed to go back to normal. The miliboowolf decided it had had enough and disappeared into the undergrowth without a sound.

"Looks like it's recovered its full power!" said Klimti Swood with a proud grin.

"I dare say it's even better than before," beamed Fergus. "I wanted to see it in action with my own two eyes. A bit more training and you'll be able to confirm it for yourself, Mr. Swood."

"It's Klimti!"

"You there, youngster!" barked the blacksmith. "This clearing is no place to be strolling around all by yourself…"

"I was here with my friends, but they…"

"You've no right to lecture the boy! He belongs here more than you do!"


What had appeared to be a large bush suddenly stood up on two legs, revealing its true nature. In fact, it was a towering Sadida as tall, green and solid-looking as his namesake: Cornelius Dogwood. Two lackeys appeared on either side of him, both dressed in green: Nouf Unnatall, a Sacrier. and Alda Sambucca, a Pandawa.

"The Mercenatures!" cried Fergus.

"Seriously…?" asked the Forgelance.

"Haha! So you know of us!" chuckled the proud Sadida.

"No, I just thought it was a ridiculous name."

"Speaking of which, you haven't told them yours…" whispered Fergus to the disgruntled lancer.

"I can tell from your style that you're some of those bad boys of Albuera," said the head of the Mercenatures with a nod. "You show up here in conquered territory and don't show the slightest respect for its bountiful nature."

"I did what I did to save the kid, all right?"

"Maybe so, but you're in OUR forest!" shouted the Sacrier.

"Oh boy, here we go…"

"They call us the Mercenatures for a reason, you know… because we're mercenaries!" added the Pandawa, proud of her clever quip.

"Yeah, thanks, I got that. I'm not a Iop, you know."

"Well, you sure swagger around like one!" snapped the Sacrier.

"Ooh, good one!" smiled Alda, giving her fellow henchwoman a high five.


Klimti ran his palm over his face with a groan as young Sinsyr Berrus tugged at his cape.

"Um… can I go now, mister?"

Fergus gave a quick nod and the boy sprinted away on all fours, his tongue lolling out in relief.

"My friend here's got a point, disciple of… What are you a disciple of, anyhow? Or of who?"

"Listen… I just came here to train…"

"So you think you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, huh?" the Mercenature leader went on. "We must all answer to our chosen god or goddess. We must prove ourselves worthy of them. But you and your kind run around playing knights and lancers without swearing allegiance to anyone."

"How convenient!"

"They have no faith in anything!"

"Or give a damn about anyone!" taunted the junior thugs in quick succession.


Klimti raised his lance and thrust it into the ground.


"Now, see, that's where you're wrong. We're dedicated to a mission that goes beyond any god. A quest that the gods have already failed at. We are the Forgelances! And we forge our own destiny."

The Mercenature chief applauded slowly.

"Typical!" sneered Cornelius Dogwood. "But we've heard it all before. It's the same nonsense the Astrub knights are always spouting. And yet, you know what? We don't see them around our forest too often… and you're about to find out why."

The imposing Sadida turned toward the tree that had been punctured by Klimti Swood's lance. He took a deep breath as he summoned the plant to life, and it began to move immediately.

"I don't want to fight," Klimti warned.

"Skipping your turn? All right, then…"

Cornelius Dogwood cast a second spell on the tree. Two thick arms with huge clawed hands emerged from the sides of its trunk, while the gaping hole at its center left by the lance sprouted sharp wooden teeth. Klimti swallowed nervously. The chestnut tree looked ready to go nuts on him. The Forgelance seized the grip of his cherished lance. The threatening tree charged straight towards him. The lancer raised his weapon:



In a flash, the Forgelance surged forward, his lance pointed at the enemy. It plunged into the wood, but then remained stuck there. The leafy assailant wasted no time pulling Klimti towards it and quickly smashing him with its fists, stunning him and scratching his face. A wind began to swirl around the combatants as the Forgelance cast "Disengaging" to get himself out of this situation.

He tore free of the tempest with an impressive backwards leap, lance in hand. Upon landing, he braced himself and focused all of his energy into a devastating spell:



Pointing his lance forward, the Forgelance released a jet of flames so powerful that it gouged a deep scar in the ground. Panting heavily, Klimti Swood stayed on his guard as the smoke cleared. His gasping breath marked the seconds as they passed. Finally, he could make out the shape of his arboreal enemy. It was burnt to a crisp. A few roasted chestnuts fell from the tree before it fell over backwards. A few steps away, Cornelius Dogwood and his henchwomen looked utterly shocked.

"All right…" the Sadida chief managed at length. "Give us whatever kamas you've got on you and we'll call it even."

Klimti Swood gave a smile. He pretended not to see the kids from earlier discreetly relieving the Mercenatures of their coin purses.

"Sounds fair. I'd hate to part ways on bad terms. Of course, I've only got twenty kamas on me…" said the Forgelance.

"And I haven't got any on me!" cried Fergus, true to his Enutrof nature.

Klimti bumped him with his hip and six coins fell to the ground.

"Ha ha… My, where did those come from?" muttered the kindly penny-pincher.


Once the Mercenatures had left with their meager loot, a grateful Sinsyr Berrus and his cowardly companions handed over three times that amount to Klimti Swood and Fergus. Once they'd all finished gathering a few chestnuts together, the Forgelance resumed his training.

To be continued in the next FORGENEWS…

DOFUS Gameplay


Immortal Champion

Forgelances are lance-bearing warriors who believe only in themselves! Drawing their powers from the Original Lance, these fighters seek to forge a reputation that even death itself can never erase.

Lovers of the arts, legendary tales and epic jousts, Forgelances can be convinced by

promises of glory and posterity to stand by your side with weapon at the ready.

They'll act as your spearhead in battle, making first contact with the enemy to pierce their defenses.



Uses their Lance to inflict damage in an area of effect, both from a distance and in close combat.


Uses their Lance to move themself or others.


Applies shields and heals allies. Increases Pushback and Critical resistances.



The Immortal Lance

Forgelances use a magical Lance in battle that they can use in a variety of unique ways.

Their use of this Lance is reflected in 2 states that apply to the Forgelance: Armed and Disarmed.

As long as the Lance is not on the field, the Forgelance is in the Armed state.

Once the Lance is summoned, the Forgelance loses the Armed state and enters the Disarmed state.

If the Lance is killed, the Forgelance regains the Armed state and the Lance can be summoned again.


The Armed state

When in this state, they can use their close-combat and short-range attack spells.

They also have multiple spells allowing them to move or to move others.

A number of spells can be used to "throw" the Lance, which summons it on the targeted cell to inflict damage or cause various effects, depending on the particular spell.

As long as the Forgelance is 1 cell away from their Lance in line or diagonally, they are considered to be Armed and can therefore use the spells associated with that state.

Using one of these spells will first give them back the Lance and then apply the effects of the spell in question.

If the caster ends their turn in the Armed state, they are On Guard and get a reduction in damage received until the start of their next turn.


The Disarmed state

When in this state, they can use their ranged attack spells.

These attacks can be cast around the Lance or on the caster themselves.

They can be used to move the Lance around the field, or to recover it and return to the Armed state.

When the Lance is summoned, the caster and their allies get a reduction in damage received as long as they are in a Square 1 area around it.



  • Blast spells: summon the Lance and cause damage in an area of effect (between the caster and the Lance, around the caster, around the Lance)
  • Recall spells: call the Lance back to the caster, either from an adjacent cell or from a distance and causing damage along the way (between the caster and the Lance, around the caster, around the Lance)
  • Teleportation/movement spells: bring the caster closer to the Lance, switch places with it, teleport the caster next to/behind the Lance + damage + recall (depending on the spell)

DOFUS FX Concept Art

DOFUS Touch Art Direction: Forgelance NPCs

As you know, Ayin Spyr will be accompanying you all throughout your Albueran adventure.

A member of the Spyr clan, this hero played a key role in founding his village and fights valiantly to protect it from its enemies, the Merkaptans. He's a courageous warrior who never gives up – as you'll soon discover for yourself!

Ek Spyr is the oldest brother in the Spyr Clan. He was once a great Forgelance warrior, but after a severe eye injury, his focus changed to training the residents of Albuera. This shift has made him bitter and tyrannical, but he's still got a big heart underneath it all. Ayin Spyr says that even though he hates not being able to go on adventures anymore, his role within the village is an immensely honorable one.

Tran Spyr is the father of Ayin, Ek and Brytnee. He's a bit rusty, but still stays in shape. Years ago, he used to travel the world. "Father was an incredible warrior in his youth. When I was little, he used to show me his trophies and they were amazing! A giant kralove tentacle, a dragon pig skull… Who knows? Maybe you'll have the same one day. *winks*"

Brytnee is the youngest member of the Spyr Clan. She's constantly training to get to the same level as her brothers. Though somewhat lacking in self-confidence, she represents the family's future. "Brytnee is just starting her weapons classes. She still has a long way to go, but she's going to be a great fighter!"

Get to know all these characters in the quest entitled "Mudding About: Getting Better in Albuera!"



WAKFU Background: Cyross

Cyross the Forgelance in WAKFU MMO


This Albueran refugee will tell you about how the island's inhabitants had to flee after Ogrest's Chaos. Thanks to him, you'll learn more about the origins of Albuera and its tragic history, but also about the potential existence of certain lance-wielding warriors…

As you already know, the next WAKFU update will have a strong transmedia flavor, with connections to the DOFUS and WAVEN games and the WAKFU and Lance Dur animated series… not to mention the Lance Dur webtoon!


There, you'll again meet Cyross (who will have grown a few years older by then…) alongside the young Agard (see below), notably in episode 3, Agaste.

In this appearance, Cyross will be the young boy's weapons master and a key advisor to Count Lance Dur.



Tie-In Merchandise: Kwismas Pack – Cire Momore

Already a fan of this imposing armored bad guy? Us too!

There are only a few packs left in the Ankama ShopIT'S NOW OR NEVER!

Animation: Agard, Isalt and Ozie

After the Lance Dur team, which includes Chaille, Biste and Mouche, let's take a look at the Lance Dur family! This is Agard, son of the count, along with his wife Isalt and daughter Ozie.

Agard is anything but an adventurer. He expresses his personality through drawing and the arts in general, at an age when his father, Lance Dur, was roaming the highways with his loyal band and laughing at danger. If only Agard could find a way to make his dad proud of him…

As for the count's daughter-in-law, Isalt, she knows how to strike the right balance between familial respect and expression of her own ideas when she speaks to him.

And Lance Dur's granddaughter Ozie may be the only one who can make her grandpa smile in any situation. Even when he's furious!


Go on, admit it…

You can't wait to meet all these characters in January!


Join us again very soon for Forgenews #4!


To find out what's in store for you in the coming weeks and months, visit the Lance Dur website.

Forgenews #2


Transmedia: Krosmonote 2022

And for those who may have missed the event (as impossible as that may seem), visit Ankama Live to check out the Krosmonote that was streamed live from ESpot!

You can add auto-translate subtitles by activating the subtitles and going into Video settings -> Subtitles -> Auto-translate -> select the language you want.

Here we go! One by one, updates for your favorite games are going live! We're following the adventures of Klimti Swood, which touches on Lance Dur, Cire Momore, and Ereboria, and we'll continue to reveal more behind-the-scenes info about this great transmedia adventure.

In the last episode…

- DOFUS, gameplay, Forgelance spells and mechanics: no more secrets between us!

- For DOFUS Touch and Ayin Spyr, there was a family reunion.

- A new character in both WAKFU and the Lance Dur webtoon showed you his scars.

- It's also a family affair with the Lance Dur anime: Agard proved it!

Is that all?

Fergus the blacksmith repaired the lance of Klimti Swood the Forgelance. Klimti was in a rush to test his precious weapon in turn-based combat against a miliboowolf and… a vindictive chestnut tree.


Background: The Survivor

In an endless clatter of shovels, picks and hammers, the wind whipped up a thick cloud of dust over Astrub Quarry. Gradually, in the midst of towering building facades, two silhouettes appeared deep in conversation. The tall and slender one, with a windswept crest of hair on top, was listening; the other one, who was small and stocky, was waving his arms around to push his point home.

"… a waste of time? Not at all, Mr. Swood!"

"I didn't say that, Fergus, but you have to understand, my brother is in mortal danger!"

"You need to know your enemy and the dangers of its island before going there."

Sheltered from the heavy blasts of air and clanging of metal on rock, an Ecaflip with black fur was studying the intruders from her tent. In the middle of the mining operation and among all the Rotcere workers, those balls of fur as black as carbon with a single eye right in the middle of their tuft, the two visitors really stood out. As the black slits in her emerald pupils narrowed, Reska reached for her staff.

"In here, Mr. Swood…" said Fergus at the entrance to the tent after lowering the scarf covering his nose.

The Forgelance took a step inside the tent only to find that a long weapon had suddenly appeared under his chiseled jaw. In the right-hand corner stood a dark feline figure:

"And just who are you?" she meowed menacingly.

He turned his head toward the Ecaflip with an exaggerated smile, but she immediately spun her staff in a circle, upending the Forgelance and making him somewhat shocked to be lying down so quickly.

"My name is Swood… Klimti Swood," he replied from the ground, with another exaggerated smile as he tried not to flinch.

"He's with me, Reska!" said Fergus hurriedly, pushing his large opaque goggles up onto his forehead.

"Meow, Fergus."

"Meow meow… Since when do you greet visitors by tackling them to the ground?"

"Sorry," she said before bending over to help the blacksmith pick up Klimti. "I'm not used to strangers here, and new faces hardly bring me flowers or balls of wool. When they do come, it's to meet that female Ecaflip who manages part of the operation and try to charm her so they can set off again with cheap merchandise, or worse, to ask me for a percentage in exchange for protecting the quarry… Pfft… Anyway! What are you doing here with this KlancyKrispy… this oddball?"

"This oddball is preparing to sail to Ereboria."


Reska glared at the Forgelance. Klimti, not knowing what else to do, simply shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassed look.

"Idiot!" she spat.

"You were right, Fergus. It was really worth coming here…" said Klimti.

"You need to tell him what you saw there, Reska!" said Fergus. "The more he knows, the greater his chance of surviving."


The Ecaflip hissed, and Klimti then spotted the scar that ran between her lip and nose.

"He'll remain there. Just like the others."

"Cire Momore is after his brother."

Reska, who was pacing like a caged animal, suddenly stopped.

"Well, he's already dead."


In the blink of an eye, Klimti drew his lance, threatening the Ecaflip this time. The tip brushed the feline's throat. She gave a wry grin.

"Go on! What are you waiting for?"

"Stop this iopery!" said Fergus. "Reska! Give him a chance to make it out alive: Tell him what happened to you!"

"And what do I get in return?" she asked, not taking her eyes away from her opponent.

"You can send me your Rotcere team with their tools when they need them. I'll sharpen them for 30 kamas each."

"That's the usual price, Fergus."

"That's right. Why?"

"Er… " said the Forgelance, lowering his lance from the Ecaflip''s throat. "Thanks, but don't mind me! I don't need anyone's help to deal with this rusty hunk of armor anyway. Bye!" he said as he prepared to leave.

"You're an idiot if you really believe that," said Reska, sitting back down at her desk. "Ereboria is a hornet's nest. One wrong move and you'll find yourself surrounded by creatures you wouldn't believe… "


The Forgelance looked over his shoulder.

"Well, help me then."




"It all happened seven years ago. Legends told of treasure that could be found on Ereboria, the Cursed Island.

My guild and I had fire in our bellies in those days! And we had the golden touch. We felt invincible! Those were good times…

You should have seen us…

Pimprenelle the Iop and her huge hammer… She didn't move mountains; she smashed them!

Eni Cola and his fizzy flasks, which gave us a lift in tricky fights…

Gary Lemarchand-De-Sable, the Xelor who could put you to sleep in no time at all!

And of course, Maxine Panda, the great black and white bear who would carry us, support us, and throw us at the enemy during the fight.

We were the Heavy Sleep Watchers.


After arriving on Ereboria, against all expectations, we came across a secluded beach. We thought we would only find pain and despair in these lands. All we could do was stare. None of us had ever laid eyes on such beauty before. Its natural beauty, the beaches, its riches seemed to have come straight from Ingloriom. For one day and one night, we were the gods of this dreamlike beach.

An Ereboria beach in WAKFU (Pirate Beach)

But everything changed when we started exploring the island. We soon entered what looked like a cave. Everything became unsettling: the darkness, the cold… The further we penetrated into the underground tunnels, the more the walls were clammy and the atmosphere oppressive.

And we found the vestiges of Stubbyobs…

Ereboria's underground caves in DOFUS


But this merely reinforced our belief that piles of treasure must be hidden there.

When the path we were following split into three, we proceeded as follows: Eni Cola and Pimprenelle took the first tunnel, Maxine Panda and Gary Lemarchand-De-Sable the second, and I took the third all on my own. From afar, I heard cries of joy from my favorite Iop and Eniripsa. They must have found the treasure. I knew then that it hadn't been a waste of our time to come! But I would continue down my tunnel to see what was waiting for me at the end.

I heard the voices of the big Panda and little Xelor. But these sounds were more concerning. It sounded as if they were hurtling down a never-ending slide… One minute they seemed to be getting closer, the next minute further away. This was followed by reassuring laughter, but then… a fight.

I started to run to help them as fast as I could…


And it was at that precise moment that I heard it. A scream that I felt in every fiber of my body. Eni Cola… I ran faster. Pimprenelle… I ran even faster. It seemed to take forever. The passageway rushed past me, but I felt as if I were moving backwards.

Finally, I caught sight of the exit.


As I burst out, weapon at the ready, I found myself alone. I was outside again, in a beautiful green landscape. And at a loss. All of a sudden I jumped when two creatures emerged from a little pool nearby. I was just about to attack when I suddenly realized that it was Maxine and Gary, my friends. They were drenched but unharmed. They told me they had been attacked by Stubbyobs defending their territory. Pelted by arrows, my brothers-in-arms were forced to retreat into a dark passage, where they fell several kametres into a deep pool. With no way out, they dove into the pool, not knowing if they would have enough air to get anywhere. They spotted some hostile amphibian creatures and fled in the other direction. By chance, the light led them here…


We walked along the outside of the cave we had just been in, hoping to find an entrance and, more importantly, our friends. Our feet sank into a kind of greyish mud that was like a mass of soggy ashes. It slowed us down and became exhausting, but even worse, we started to sink.

I watched Gary slowly but surely disappear under the sludge. I lifted my head and looked up to the sky to keep my mouth above the black molasses-like mire. It was gooey, overwhelming…deadly.

I can look back now at that moment and say that it was the only time in my life I had been truly terrified.

I thought I would die.

The Cursed Beach in WAKFU

A huge hairy paw suddenly grabbed me by the collar.

I was plucked out of that dreadful swamp and thrown onto firmer ground by my dear Maxine. I was overcome with joy to see she also held Gary under her other arm! As she was about to throw him in my direction, my friends warned me of another danger behind me… Just in time I dodged the ax of something undead.

It was some sort of… Deathburn.

All around me, blackened skeletal hands emerged from the ashen swamp. Then whole bodies. Although 'whole' is hardly the right word…

I was surrounded. Petrified. The circle closed in around me. One of the Deathburns slashed my face with its dagger," said Reska, running her hand over her scar.



"Roused and jolted into action you might say, I flew into a rage and used my staff, feet and fists to try and break free. After an exhausting fight, I breached the mass of enemies and made a gap. I struggled free and then found myself back in the cave.

I used what little breath I had left to run, aware that I had left my friends behind. But I didn't know what else to do… Even though the Deathburns were slower than me, a horde of them were hot on my heels!


Then a miracle happened.

I saw the shoreline. It was the ocean, and on it was a boat. I had a found a way off this cursed island.

As I climbed in and tried to cast off, the Deathburns drew near. On the other side, angry Stubbyobs were running. I raised the anchor. I heard screams. Eni Cola and Pimprenelle. I looked up to a hole above, just above the channel that ran through the cave. I watched and waited. Nervously. The boat started to move forward. I kept my eyes fixed on the dark opening, hoping to see my friends appear there.

But instead of my friends, I saw it.

That thing. Grating. Metallic.

Cold, despite the glow that went before it in the darkness.

It was Cire Momore.


We stared at each other, motionless, as the boat drifted out into the open sea. Then I cursed him as I realized what the red stain splattered on his chest could mean…"

To be continued in the next FORGENEWS…

DOFUS: Ereboria, Scenery and Bestiary

Stubbyob Area Research

Stubbyob and Cave In-game Research

Stubbyob Bestiary

Deathburn Bestiary

DOFUS Touch: A New Beginning

The update is live! Explore Albuera, the land of the Forgelances, Klimti Swood, and Lance Dur right now!

Twelvians will take their first steps in this new archipelago from now on. Designed to act as a tutorial, Albuera will guide new adventurers every step of the way! Want to learn more about this new area?

What else is new? Well, the new spellmaster seals
have been added; class sets have changed; a level-200 spell – Exaltation – is replacing Summoning of Dopple… If you want more details, you can find them here!

Finally, to help you in-game so you can fully experience these new features, a range of all-new Progressopacks can be found in the shop!

WAKFU: Ereboria, Scenery and Bestiary

The Cursed Island is central to the next WAKFU update. You have had a glimpse of some of the new areas to explore and creatures to fight in the story above (Pirate Beach and Deathburns area), and below you can explore more of what you can look forward to in your favorite MMO.


Bitter-Hammer Cavern
Ocean Prison
New Sufokian Mine

NPCs and Bestiary

Nao, member of the Octopus Crew
Octopus Crew and its boss, Pohl the Octopus
Deathburn family and their boss, the Skeleton Giant
Berylbell Copperbeard, member of the Bitter-Hammer Cavern clan
Bitter-Hammer family and their boss, the Golem
Frida Mofette, member of the New Sufokian Mine clan
Prince Adal, in the New Sufokian Mine
Foggernaut family and their boss, Sire Flexington

Animation: the Deathburns

Cire Momore is not the only threat in the Lance Dur series…



Our heroes will face many other dangers in addition to the glowing armored one…

The Deathburns are just one enemy that will bring you out in cold sweats.

Is the treasure really worth the risk?

Merchandise: Cire Momore Figurines

Speaking of treasure…there's still some left!

Which will you choose?




Experience it now in DOFUS Touch and very soon in DOFUS and WAKFU!

… And don't forget Forgenews #5


To find out what's in store for you in the coming weeks and months, visit the Lance Dur website.

Forgenews #1

Forgenews #2

Forgenews #3


Have you explored the year-end updates? Seen the Albueran pines? Wandered the palace corridors in Ephedrya? Dispatched a few deathburns in Ereboria? If so, it's time for a breather between two odysseys. Settle in, relax and enjoy a few images from Lance Dur. How would you like a little story to go with them?

DOFUS, DOFUS Touch and WAKFU have unveiled their year-end specials and you're probably exploring every corner of their new zones in search of rewards and XP. And yet, Lance Dur's wanderings are far from over!

Would you like us to tell you more about what's behind the scenes in this huge transmedia adventure?


In the last episode…

  • DOFUS revealed sketches of Ereboria that are sure to have sketched a place in your hearts, along with in-game decors and some of its bestiary.
  • DOFUS Touch invited you to get a fresh start.
  • WAKFU shared tons of decors, NPCs and monster families from the cursed island. It was positively pouring down magnificent images!
  • The anime Lance Dur showed its dark side: the Deathburns!

There's more…

To make sure Swood knew what he was getting into, Fergus had taken him to see Reska, an Ecaflip adventurer who came back in one piece from Ereboria, the island of the Deathburns and home to Cire Momore and a gigantic legendary treasure. Did her tale dissuade him?


Background: The Island

On a peaceful beach in the Astrub Rocky Inlet while a placid tramp was catching a few winks in the shade of a kokoko tree and three snappers were dodging an adventurer's arrows, Fergus stood on the end of a dock near a moored sailboat. The Forgelance Klimti Swood was already aboard, preparing to set sail.

"I've done everything I can to keep you here, Mr. Swood."

"It's Klimti, Fergus…" said the Forgelance, as he had so many times over the past few days. "Klim-ti. You're a good chap, but if it was your family, you'd do the same in a heartbeat."

"I thought that Reska's experience would have opened your eyes to what's waiting for you there… By Enutrof's clanking kamas, what the…?"


Swood turned around to see what had shaken up the smith. It was Reska carrying a crate to stow in the hold.

"RESKA! You're going too!"

"Calm down, Fergus…"

"Calm down?! I take him to you so you can convince him to stay and you end up going with him?!

"It wasn't me," said Swood. "She didn't give me a choice…"

"I've been thinking about it for years, Fergus," said Reska. "I left my friends behind… but what if some of them survived?"

"Fine!" exclaimed Furgus as he jumped onto the boat. "Let's all make reckless decisions! The more the merrier!"

He cast off.

The ship started to move slowly away from the dock.

The dock on which two wooden crates were still sitting. The smith's embarrassment could be seen on his face.

"Perfect choice of words, Fergus. Leaving half of our supplies on the dock is the very definition of reckless!" said Swood as he tapped him on the shoulder.




The ship seemed frozen on a glassy sea.

Leaning on the starboard railing, Reska was bored.

"Are we even moving?"

Swood answered from the help without looking away from the horizon:


"Are you speaking pirate?"

"Nope. I'd have said 'aye' if I was."

The Forgelance glanced over at the listless feline and felt sorry for the Ecaflip in distress.

"Come over here! You can steer the ship…"

The feline purred with joy and leapt over to Klimti's spot. Klimti headed over the gangway and gave Fergus a friendly tap as he went past. Wearing a red scarf to protect his head from the sun's rays, Fergus was fishing patiently.

"I haven't been on vacation in a long time!" he said joyously. "Err… and I haven't lost my touch. Tonight, dinner's on me!"


Swood smiled as he looked at the sea. He felt good, too. It was the first time since…

Suddenly, he moved back from the railing:

"Ahhhhh! What's THAT!? Did you see it?!

The others shrugged.

"It looked like something… I mean… someone in the water… But with scales and big eyes! They were staring at me… Shudder! That gave me goosebumps!"

"It looks like Forgelances are like Iops," said Reska. "Lots of bluster but easily scared!"


She and Fergus laughed heartily.

"Haw haw haw!" Klimti imitated them. "I'd like to have see you two in my place…"

"You've got to admit, Mister Klimti, that you sure made a funny face just then!"

"You looked just like one of those sailors startled by a fish at sea who starts talking about mermaids when he gets into port!" added Reska.

"They think everything is a bad omen!" added Fergus.

Just then, they heard a slow rumble in the distance. Fergus's expression changed. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped open. Swood turned around. The sky ahead of them had grown considerably darker.




The only sound was the pouring rain beating against the deck. Never ending.

The raging sea and waves. Grumbling.

To avoid going overboard, the passengers had tied ropes around their waists and attached them to a solid part of the ship.

Reska clung desperately to the helm. Klimti struggled valiantly to lower the sails. Fergus clung on, clutching his teeth.

The tempest seemed to go on forever. They all hung on in the noise and fury. Hung on with every ounce of their strength.

Suddenly – a terrible crash.

Then nothing.




It was a familiar, peaceful melody. The sound you hear listening to seashells. The slow sweeping of waves on the beach. Light. Sand. A still crab scrambled sideways to take refuge in a hole at the first movement.

As he got up, Swood felt like he'd tumbled down a hill. His feet in the water, he quickly took stock of the situation. He touched the hull of the sailboat next to him. It had washed up on a beach. He must have been thrown clear by the shock, but the rope around his waist had kept him close.

"Fergus! Reska!"


Klimti climbed onto the ship. Phew! His companions were there, unconscious. The Forgelance touched each in turn – they were breathing.

"Friends? Are you alright?"

It took them a little while to come around, but aside from a boatload of bruises, they were unharmed. Klimti hugged them close, and then laughed:

"We did it!"


He untied the rope around his waist and jumped overboard.

"Reska! Can you toss me my lance from the hold?"

The disheveled Ecaflip looked around:

"Are you sure we're in the right place? I'd be surprised if we stayed on course during that storm…"

"It's got to be Ereboria! There's nothing else for leagues and leagues. We couldn't have drifted that far off course! You must recognize where we are, right?"


Reska scratched her head:

"I'm a bit shaken up, you know. I was only here once, and it was years ago…"


"Well, it looks like it, but sand and vegetation… most islands look the same…"

"Ok. I'll let you recover from our trip and set up camp. I'll head out on recon!"

"Mr. Swood, won't you wait a bit?" asked Fergus, wringing out his scarf. "We'd better stay together… especially if this is Ereboria."

"Don't worry! I'll just go see if Dayd is nearby, but I won't try anything on my own…"

"Just like a Iop, you rush in headfirst…" remarked Reska, tossing the lance to Swood.

"…and you're a lousy liar," added Fergus.



The Forgelance took off running straight ahead. In front of him, gigantic tentacular spikes stalks that seemed to be devouring a building towered over a thick forest. Reska frowned and whistled:

"Pssss… We aren't in Ereboria."

Fergus looked at the feline and then looked out beyond the forest.

"You're right, Reska… We're in Ephedrya…"

To be continued in the next FORGENEWS…





Ephedrya Design Sketches

In-Game Zone Art



WAKFU: The Ocean Prison

If WAKFU didn't unveil Ephedrya in its latest update, it's an additional zone inspired by the animated series Lance Dur. You read the title: it's the Ocean Prison. Recommended for Twelvians of levels 216-230, it is located some 20,000 kametres under the sea (we didn't measure exactly). Luckily, you don't need gills to explore it! There, you'll encounter the Abyssal Creepers. This area is run by Spriggiss, a fishy guy, who can give you crucial information to help you complete your main quest. In addition, you'll notice that Raeliss, the area boss, has a familiar weapon…


Ocean Prison

NPCs and Bestiary


Spriggiss, Ocean Prison Clan Member

Abyssal Creeper family and their boss, Raeliss (level 216-230) - 3-room dungeon

Animation: The Ocean Prison

Many trials and tribulations await Lance Dur and his companions during their last adventure.

They, too, will face the dangers of the sea and fishy creatures!

The old adventurers will sometimes find themselves in unimaginable situations…

… and need to fight… err… terrifying creatures.

While you're waiting for the animated series Lance Dur in early 2023, head to DOFUS, DOFUS Touch and WAKFU!


To find out what's in store for you in the coming weeks and months, visit the Lance Dur website.

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Forgenews #4

What? Again?! What else is there to learn about the new areas and the Forgelances? Not all that much, it's true… But as for the Lance Dur animated series, various behind-the-scenes developments and works in progress, and the end of Klimti Swood's story, we've still got a few tidbits to share! Plus, this is also your chance to share your impressions of the recent updates.

DOFUS, DOFUS Touch and WAKFU all wrapped up the year with some major additions. So now that they've been out there for a few weeks, what do you think? Have you discovered everything, explored everything, and collected everything? How did you like it? Tell us in the comments below!

The animated series "The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur" will soon be available in France, and depending on the purchase of broadcast rights by local distributors, we hope it will be appearing in other countries as well.



In the last episode…

- DOFUS and DOFUS Touch revealed lush designs and tentacled sketches of the island of Ephedyra.

- WAKFU released the main NPC and a whole monster family from their Ocean Prison.

- The Lance Dur animated series hauled up creatures and background art from the depths of the sea.

And last but not least…

Klimti, Fergus and Reska sailed for Ereboria to try and save Dayd from the unstoppable Cire Momore. Out at sea, the Forgelance saw a frightening humanoid creature emerge from the abyss. Moments later, the crew was hit by a violent storm. So violent, in fact, that it smashed their ship up on an island beach – but they emerged safe and sound from the crash. In his rush to find some trace of his brother, Klimti hurried off to scout the place out as soon as he regained consciousness…



Background: The Rescue

By now, not even the tiniest bit of blue sky could be seen overhead – only leaves, brambles, trees and plants. Klimti had started out on what looked like a path, but in his haste, he hadn't noticed the moss and vegetation closing in around him until he was completely surrounded by it. He felt like an insect caught in an arachnee web. The more he struggled to move forward, the thicker the undergrowth became. With each step he took, the brambles scratched new wounds into his skin. His arms were scraped raw. The pain was unbearable. Each prick from a thorn felt like a blade carving into his flesh.


Swood let out a roar of rage and frustration. He drew his lance and focused his anger into a fiery blast of Burning Estoc. He boosted his range and healed his wounds with an Oriflamme spell before pausing to gather his strength. Then he fired off a Torch Lancer to continue clearing the undergrowth so he could finally just… breathe.


"We should have followed Mr. Swood," fretted the Enutrof, his eyes riveted on the dense forest, looking out for even the slightest sign of his presence.

Abandoned on the beach among various rocks laid bare by the tide, he and his feline companion searched for crabs and clams in hopes of scraping together some dinner.

"Don't worry, Fergus, he's a big boy! Why do you always feel the need to be his chaperone?"

"He's a good boy, Reska! He fights for the people he cares about…"

"He's fighting in vain! And you know it. That's why you're protecting him… But you're only delaying the moment when he'll have to face reality."

"He'll face reality when he comes face to face with Cire Momore. And so will you…"

The green-eyed Ecaflip with the thick black fur stopped scratching at the wet sand in search of shells for just a moment. Fergus gave her a friendly pat on the back before returning his attention to the task at hand, peering carefully into the narrow gaps between rocks. He didn't notice the crab that skittered away behind him to escape.

Nor the massive foot that suddenly crushed it flat…


Not far off, birds chirped and trees swayed gently in the wind in a quiet meadow with a thick wall of brambles along one side. Suddenly, a golden spike pierced the vegetation, glowed brightly and consumed everything around it in a perfect ring!

A tousle-headed Forgelance, out of breath and covered with cauterized scratches, stumbled out through the opening. He instinctively raised his hands to the sky he'd missed so dearly, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, he saw what looked like an ancient palace just ahead. At first glance, he couldn't tell if the building had been abandoned, but in any case, nature seemed to be doing its best to reclaim it, with huge climbing plants and tentacle-like vines clinging tightly to every surface.



The only answer was an echo and the flutter of a startled flock of birds. Klimti Swood slung his lance over his back and made his way down a stone path leading to a high gate. Its ironwork was filled with floral designs. As he raised his hand to push open the gate, he was startled by the sound of a little girl's voice:

"You won't find your friend here."


He spun around to see a young Xelor sitting on the head of a large statue and casually kicking her feet.

"Who are you? And how did you know I was looking for someone?"

"I'm Phyllis. And you were yelling his name just a second ago."

"What are you doing here all alone? And what makes you think that my brother's not here?"

"Whoa, whoa… Who said I was here all alone? So it's your brother, then…"


The Forgelance sighed and prepared once again to enter the palace.



The Xelor girl hopped down from her perch and walked towards him.

"If you go in there, you'll run into a lot more trouble than you've had up to now."

"You have no idea what I've been through…"

"Meeting the Armor and coming out of it alive would be more than most people could hope for."

"Wait a second, I… WHO THE F**K ARE YOU, ANYWAY?!"

"Just a kid," she replied, rocking back and forth on her heels with her hands behind her back and flashing a friendly smile.

"Well, you're freaking me out, 'kid'. What are you, the demon of the forest or something?"

"Sounds like you've been reading too many horror parchments."

"I might not look like it, but I'm a civilized man. I read books."

"Never heard of 'em."

"It's a bunch of sheets of paper all stacked up together and… Wait, what am I doing here? Why am I talking to a ten-year-old girl?!"

"I'm only nine!"


He went in.

Despite the palace's abandoned appearance, its entrance hall was still quite impressive. Klimti paused for a moment to contemplate the height of the ceiling, the tapestries, the rug stretching the length of the vast floor, and the flowers everywhere he looked.

"Believe me, you ain't seen nothin' yet!" called Phyllis from under her hat and bandages.


"Seriously, why don't you believe me? I'm telling you, he's not here. He's not even on this island…"


"I mean, you're on Ephedrya, right? Everyone knows it but you, it's getting a bit embarrassing…"

"Then I can't waste time here, I've got to go save him!" Klimti shouted as he turned to go back.

"I don't know if you can still save him… but there's still a chance for your friends that you ditched on the beach like an old pair of socks."

"They're not my… That is… Look, they weren't in any danger, and… OH, SH**! How do you know all that?!"

But when Swood turned around to face her, the girl had disappeared.

He stood there bewildered for a moment, then turned to leave again, when "AHH!" There she was in front of him.

"I'm not a ghost, you know…" she teased.

"If you keep this up, that can definitely be arranged…"


The Forgelance rushed out through the gate and ran to the hole he'd made in the wall of vegetation. Before going in, he looked back one last time at the girl, who'd stopped on the stone steps. Phyllis waved to him with a broad smile. Klimti groaned.

"I hope I never see you again!" he shouted.

"I know!" she answered, then stuck out her tongue.

At that, Klimti finally cracked a smile. Then he disappeared into the brambles.


Klimti charged out of the forest and hurried to the beach.

"Fergus! Reska!"

There was no one at the boat. He saw footprints in the sand… some of which looked like they'd been made by a giant. There'd been a fight here. Klimti ran faster down to the edge of the bay. Before him, a trail of bent and broken kokonut trees led into a wood. Swood followed it, emerged onto a different beach, and there he finally saw them… A golem of stones and leaves was swinging its immense axe down at Reska!


The dark feline, who was down on all fours, jumped aside to avoid the blow. She bared her teeth and hissed at her attacker.

"HEY!" shouted Swood to distract the golem.

The stone giant turned towards him, giving Reska an opening to leap in the air and give it a quick pair of kicks to the back, knocking it helmet-first into the sand. Klimti ran a few strides towards the golem as it tried to get up, then planted the point of his lance in the base of his enemy's neck with a sickening crack and pole-vaulted over the great mass of rocks and vegetation to land at Reska's feet.

"You all right?"

"Took you long enough!" shot back the Ecaflip as she wiped her mouth on the back of her sleeve. "Oh, and you left your lance sticking out of that big hunk of clay…"

The golem had just managed to wobble to its feet.

"I know."

Without taking his eyes off of Reska, the Forgelance reached out his hand towards his weapon, which flew back into his grip as though pulled by a magnet. Along the way, it popped the giant's head off with a sharp crack, leaving its body to collapse in a heap.

"Where's Fergus?"

The Ecaflip cast her emerald gaze to one side to point the way. Swood turned around and saw his friend lying motionless on the sand nearby. He hurried to his side.

"Fergus ! "

The blacksmith was out cold. Blood trickled from his mouth and from a wound over one of his eyes. Klimti shook him and called his name.

"He dodged the axe, but he caught a mean backhand to the face…" Reska explained.

Finally, the Forgelance gave Fergus a slap and he opened his eyes.

"Klimti! You're back, thank the Twelve!"

"I'm here, my friend."

"What… what about that monster?"

"Reska and I took care of it."

"…Your brother's not here, Klimti! It turns out we're on Ephedrya, we need to get going!"

"I know that now, Fergus. I know."


As the wind came up that day on the beach, they hadn't found Dayd Swood or the former members of Reska's guild. But they had found each other.



Ephedrya Bestiary

The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur: arriving on ADN on March the 1st!



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