The Bananarchy is over!

Since BANANA KING declared war on the monkeys, bananas ARMED TO THE TEETH have been arriving from everywhere in the thousands to come and swing it! But the hour of vengeance has come!
OH KING TONGUE, king of the monkeys, you have the solution on the tip of your TONGUE! Long and very tense, it's A REAL GRAPPLER!

It's gonna go down in Banana Splits!

The Bananarmy

First, I stick my tongue...

Then, I pull, I launch myself, I bounce...

AND BAM! Uppercut in his peeling old face!!!

While you're waiting for the release...

BANANA KING, the penniless king who has been guarding the
banana for a little while, is throwing a Kingstarter to gather some peanuts and build up
a close guard. We, the monkeys, had a good laugh at first...
But BANANA KING and his bananajesters are raising a real army!
Someone has to put a stop to this madness...

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And as you go along, discover the bananenemies you will face in the game!

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