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Beta Ankama Launcher - InstallDir & Auto-Updates

By N3tRunn3r#9401 - MONSTER - October 21, 2019, 16:35:26

Hello there,

I dislike Software which cannot be manually set into which directory it should be installed! My PC keeps as clean and sorted as I want it to be. So after installation of the Beta Ankama Launcher, I simply dragged and dropped its completely directory from the %AppData% Dir into my D:\ drive which includes everything Games-related.

The Launcher works there without issues. Games can be downloaded, installed, played and even modified.

Now there is one problem still. Whenever the Beta Ankama Launcher wants to auto-update, it is stuck @ ~20%. Even when trying to install its fresh downloaded install files, it will be stuck around 20% on installation, too. Same issue. Well, I highly guess since it hasn't been able to find software within the %AppData% Dir, so it becomes stuck in auto-updating and even when "repairing" as mentioned already.

So, before to uninstall and to freshly reinstall the Beta Ankama Launcher as well as to re-download and to install games again, I was lucky and have found the "package.7z" file within "...\%AppData%\local\zaap-updater". I simply extracted all files from the 7z-file to my Beta Ankama Launcher Directory on D:\, overwritten all files in there, and so it has been successfully and manually updated.

To prevent such issues in future, please let us set our desired Installation Paths of your Software with an advanced RegEdit search&find procedure.

Even with INNO Setup, it is pretty easy to do so.

Best Regards,

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