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[Steam] Beta Ankama Launcher - Doesn't log in to my Wakfu Account made on Steam

By N3tRunn3r - MONSTER - October 18, 2019, 01:55:23

Hello there,

if I start the new Ankama Launcher on Steam, I have been able to use just my non-Steam Account (alternative Ankama Account) to log-in. Yet it has not been possible to log-in to my main Wakfu Account and to its characters which have been created via Steam. I hope this will be changed in future.

Best Regards,

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Try to recover your password at the login page, using the same nickname / email you use at Steam. 

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lols this is bullshit, i can't log in. i just created a fresh account, and after confirming my email, i tried logging in wakfu launcher and it says invalid account details, then i tried forgetting my password (and it says again that my account name is invalid. tried again using the phone number i use and now it says that the account phone number is incorrect (but i received the ankama code using the number and it is in the profile) lol wtf is this? i haven't started playing wakfu and it already disappoint me.

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