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By echlaborpp - MONSTER - February 12, 2020, 08:28:08

Hello. I have never played or even opened WAKFU. Ankama just took a payment from my account of 0.85p labelled WAKFU DOFUS. I didn't buy anything. What's costs 0.85p? 


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Just had the same thing, a one euro transaction called "wakfu dofus", "reccurent transaction at rubilax "Any mods know? 

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Just had .93p taken I only subbed for 12 months recently what is this charge for?!

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I had this too, searching up wakfu dofus roubiax took me to a thread from a few days ago saying that cards had been updated their end so they ended up doing a mass check charge which is usually refunded by 10 days time. Though support really didn't help me in that matter by telling me and decided to insist that they didn't charge me.

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