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[Migration Procedure] How to use new ankama launcher without re-downloading the games.

By iNTiMiD4T0R#9728 - MONSTER - November 16, 2019, 04:11:42
With the official announcement of Ankama Launcher : Players have raised concerns about whether they have to re download the game files. Even though it is good to follow the official way to re download it. If you don't want to do that, (Which is understandable.) you can use the data from the old Client/Steam installation.

(You can share data between steam and normal client as well.
May be even share data between the old and New Launcher as well. Tested & Working.
That info 

If you already have the game installed via the normal client of steam, the files there can be used with the new launcher via following this method.
(Works for Beta, Dofus and (May be) for krosmaga as well.)

Bonus : How to enable the beta version?

For Wakfu & Wakfu Beta
  • Go to your wakfu folder then in the game folder "Wakfu/game".
  • Copy these folders from the game folder and keep it somewhere else:

For Dofus :
  • Go to your Dofus folder then to the app folder "Dofus/app" find the folders shown here there. Especially Content, data and ui folders
  • Copy these folders from the default folder and keep(paste) it somewhere else:

Continue :
  • After doing that, delete everything from your wakfu game folder or uninstall the game.*
            (*If you want to install the game into the same folder using the new launcher.)
  • Go to launcher.
  • Start Installation of Wakfu/Wakfu-beta/Dofus to the Folder. (Let it run for a few seconds.)
  • Pause the download & Exit the launcher from the taskbar.
  • Paste the folders back into the new wakfu/wakfu-beta/dofus folder.
  • Run Launcher again and click on Resume download.
  • It will download around ~10mb additional files and you are good to go.

Procedure Video:  Here
To use both launchers together - Video : Here

Have fun and enjoy Wakfu/Dofus/Dofus Retro/Waven/Krosmaga from the new launcher.
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