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By [Nazkan] - ANKAMA - July 02, 2018, 14:34:21
Here are some guidelines for your tests to go well:
  • Do not uninstall the classic updater: we are on an beta test and it is possible that the Launcher is still not functional.
  • Do not launch the classic updater and the Ankama Launcher simultaneously, as it could generate unnecessary bugs.
  • When a bug is encountered, be sure to check that the problem has not already been posted so to avoid duplication, or that the answer is not on the FAQ (coming soon),
  • When a bug is encountered, be sure to indicate: what you were doing, what you were expecting, what happened, on the "Problems and solutions" subject.
  • Finally, do not hesitate to discuss the Launcher on the "General Discussion" subject, for both your positive or negative feedback!

/! \ DOFUS /! \: To launch DOFUS, we advise you to use the Ankama Authenticator for the protection of your accounts. Currently, every time you launch DOFUS via the Ankama Launcher, you will be asked to validate a certificate, and after 6 times you will have reached the maximum number of computers allowed.