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Fight back of a Victim

By - MONSTER - May 06, 2019, 09:49:56


I have a rule question about the victim's fight back support. If a member of a Monster family fights against a victim (which is supported by a action card), with a second attack, do i have ask "again" for support of families or is a played action card valid till end of members actions / or Dead of victim.

So in other words: If Daddy attacks 3 times i't possible, that the victim could be supported by 3 action cards (1 per action of Daddy, cause it will be discarded after each Attack/Action).

Thx for Support

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Sorry for the late answer. Object cards are discarded after their use, so if a Monster attacks a victim several times  during a turn, you will have to ask if the others players want to defend them each time. 


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