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Entering a room after smashing doors

By - MONSTER - January 28, 2019, 15:32:54

I have a question and I didn't find the answer yet in the forum. When I smash the door, after shuffling the deck I also enter in the room for free or I have to use one more action?
I guess that  when I successfully smash a door I break in the room, so I am going inside instantly, and I shuffle the deck, somone says I am wrong and I cannot enter without using "move".
You say in the note "No time to hide! Whenever a monster enters a room without smashing a door, the victims do not hide. Do not shuffle the draw pile" ,  so I can also enter automatically smashing it?

Ankama, could you give us an official answer?

I guess I can enter in the room both if the door is already smashed, or while i am successfully smashing  it. AM I right?

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Smashing the door doesn't make you move into the room immediately. You'll have to use a Move action (free or otherwise) to get into the room after smashing a door. 

The pile of cards is shuffled when you break the door: you made such a ruckus than the guest immedtiately hide where they can. You can enter a room if the door was already broken, simply by moving in it. But in this case, you won't shuffle the card pile. (It won't shuffle either if you get into the room by phasing through a wall with the Ghost's power.)


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