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Entering a room after smashing doors

By - MONSTER - January 28, 2019, 15:32:54
I have a question and I didn't find the answer yet in the forum. When I smash the door, after shuffling the deck I also enter in the room for free or I have to use one more action?
I guess that  when I successfully smash a door I break in the room, so I am going inside instantly, and I shuffle the deck, somone says I am wrong and I cannot enter without using "move".
You say in the note "No time to hide! Whenever a monster enters a room without smashing a door, the victims do not hide. Do not shuffle the draw pile" ,  so I can also enter automatically smashing it?

Ankama, could you give us an official answer?

I guess I can enter in the room both if the door is already smashed, or while i am successfully smashing  it. AM I right?
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