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A question about rules for peeking

By - MONSTER - December 03, 2018, 02:52:16
In the original digital rulebook, page 8, it says "To do so, one must be either inside the room, next to a door to that room (no matter what condition it’s in), or next to a window into the room." In the printed rules that come with the game, the rule (page 9) says, "To do so, the monster must be either inside the room or in an adjacent zone that has a door connecting to that room." That seems to take away the ability to peek in through the cabin windows. Yet, in the tool shed expansion rules (also in the printed rule book), page 22, it says, "The tool shed does have windows, so the monsters can use their peek action to get a glimpse of what might be used against them. All other peek rules apply." 

So, my question is, can we peek in the windows of the cabin as well, or can we only peek in the windows of the tool shed and the doors of the cabin?
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