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Rules questions regarding 'nocturnal events'

By - MONSTER - November 07, 2018, 20:34:37
Hi there,

I have a little problem understanding the nocturnal events.

That’s the way I understand it:
> Game starts
> 1st monster activated from all players in row
> Marker moves to Midnight
> 1st Nocturnal event is drawn
> 2nd monster activated
> Marker moves to 1:00 AM
> 2nd Nocturnal event is drawn
> 3rd monster activated
> Marker moves to 2:00 AM
> Every monster is reactived
> 3rd Nocturnal event is drawn
> Next monster activated
And so on…

But that would mean that there will be 9 successive rounds.
But the deck for the Nocturnal Events only consists of 7 cards.
What happens in the two rounds without cards?
Or aren't there any rounds without cards?
Does this have soemthing to do with the red marked dates on the time track?

Where is my error?
Can you please help?

Best regards,
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