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Compilation of digital rewards and other links

By touchd0wn#5217 - MONSTER - November 04, 2018, 19:01:39
Finally there is an official post by Ankama over at the Kickstarter page (The download update, Update # 79)
I will update this post with everything non exclusive (rule books, art book, soundtrack and more), but I will not include the download links for the backer exclusive scenario rewards provided by this update.

Since the promised Update summarizing all links provided until now is still not here,
I decided to make my own little compendium.

Feel free to comment any missing links, I will include them to provide a complete list.

PDF Artbook (Post-Campain Update #14; Point No. 3)

Original Soundtrack: (Post-Campain Update #16)

Wallpapers (Post-Campain Update #3)

How to store everything in the box:

Top layer

Middle layer

Bottom layer


Scenarios: (Only the ones provided by the Updates. Missing numbers 6 to 8, they were not provided as standalone scenarios.)

Some Miscellaneous questions answered in the Update:
  • [*]I have more sleeves than there are cards in my box, is this normal? Am I missing cards?
    We have included more sleeves in the box than there are cards in Monster Slaughter. This way, you will have spare sleeves in case some of them are damaged during play.
  • [*]How many cards are there in the game?
    There are 35 profiles cards for the monsters, 5 cards for the victims and 24 cards for the surprise guests (including 8 stunt doubles); 68 item cards (10 of them for the Tool Shed), 5 trap cards, 17 bonus action cards and 1 Necronomicon card (used for scenario #11); and 19 nocturnal events (1 of them for the Tool Shed). The total is 174 cards in the game. 
  • [*]Why are there meat tokens with such a high point value (6 points)?
    These tokens are used mostly during scenarios, where the point counter can get much higher than usual, freeing smaller tokens when players have a great point total. 
  • [*]What does this token do?
    Most tokens you can’t identify at first glance are used for specific scenarios! Refer to the Scenario book to find their use. 
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