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Game Board and Other Issues?

By - MONSTER - November 02, 2018, 06:35:14

I can see a number of comments on the Kickstarter page (I was a late backer, so unbable to respond throught KS) regarding the board and the walls that do not match up, and issues with some miniatures and accessories.

What I mean is the medium lenght wall that goes along the front of the toilet and bathroom is not lined up with the artwork and is slightly too long, and the small wall that seperates the toilet and bathroom again does not line with the artwork and is not straight, the slots do not align.

Is this a common thing or are only a smallish number effected?  I know that this issue wont detract from gameplay, I was just wondering.

I have yet to go through the complete box, to check the minis, cards and accessories, before contacting Ankama or not.
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