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Microsoft Web Protection

By RachelGomez#2670 - MONSTER - April 11, 2022, 07:48:43
Web protection in MS 365 Defender for Endpoint is a capability made up of Web threat protection, Web content filtering, and Custom indicators. Web protection lets you secure your devices against web threats and helps you regulate unwanted content. You can find Web protection reports in the Micro Defender portal by going to Reports > Web protection.

Web threat protection
The cards that make up web threat protection are Web threat detections over time and Web threat summary.

Web threat protection includes:

1. Comprehensive visibility into web threats affecting your organization.
2. Investigation capabilities over web-related threat activity through alerts and comprehensive profiles of URLs and the devices that access these URLs.
3. A full set of security features that track general access trends to malicious and unwanted websites.

Custom indicators
Custom indicator detections are also summarized in your organizations web threat reports under Web threat detections over time and Web threat summary.

Custom indicator includes:

1. Ability to create IP and URL-based indicators of compromise to protect your organization against threats.
2. Investigation capabilities over activities related to your custom IP/URL profiles and the devices that access these URLs.
3. The ability to create Allow, Block, and Warn policies for IPs and URLs.

Web content filtering
Web content filtering includes Web activity by category, Web content filtering summary, and Web activity summary.

Web content filtering includes:

1. Users are prevented from accessing websites in blocked categories, whether they are browsing on-premises or away.
2. You can conveniently deploy varied policies to various sets of users using the device groups defined in the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint role-based access control settings.
3. You can access web reports in the same central location, with visibility over actual blocks and web usage.

The Microsoft Web Protection is an excellent add-on for online protection. This extension was designed to protect your system better from online phishing and malware. It's extremely easy to download and install on all browsers and you can also eliminate it quickly.

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