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first impression on ankama launcher and sugestions

By - MONSTER - February 15, 2019, 09:06:04
i don't mind having an other launcher.
but here are some of my comments.

i already have installed dofus and krosmaga from their websites not steam,and i downloaded wakfu from steam(at first i downloaded it from its website but something happened to my computer during instalation and the game became unplayable so i downloaded the steam version which is playable.)
do i need to uninstal these games just to redownload them from the launcher? has a feature that checks the computer for other blizzard games,the ankama launcher should do the same for ankama games.

also i don't like how this launcher opens a firefox window and sends us to forums,stores,support and my account.
it should be like steam where it creates a brand new page without sending us to a firefox window.

also about waven,is it going to be in your launcher?
if yes you should include it even if you don't tell us when it is going to come.
when you finally decide the date it will come please announce it in the launcher.
(please take a break from developing this game because krosmaga really needs a little rebalancing.just nerf new wave,this is the most broken card in the game,don't change anything else.)

now i have a suggestion about a feature that no other launcher has:
since i live in greece i cannot purchase your comics and manga because you don't bring them here(you only brought one),so i believe that you could sell them in digital form,now you have a launcher.
if porn sites can sell their comics in digital form then so can you.
maybe if you give people some free comics then the launcher may get more attention.
after all the world of twelve has big lore,something that can help people to get into it could work.
once i asked you to translate your website with the comics and manga at english and tell us which of these comics were translated in english so you can expand your target audience but you told me that for some reason you targeted french audience.
this is a really questionable buisness move.
digital copies have high profit with low production cost and absolutely no delivery cost.

as about marketing.
the reason krosmaga is not popular outside france is because you did poor job at advertizing it.
personally i only learned about your existence as a company because one website put the wakfu tv show in the list with the most popular ones.then someone told me that it was a sequel to a video game and i did some research and i learned about you.
if i used an other website i would never learn about your show and your games including krosmaga.
you need to sponsor some youtube videos and ask people to advertize your games and your launcher.maybe an advertisment on smg4 and gametheorists could work.
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