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Creating Account / Launcher issue

By - MONSTER - April 05, 2020, 00:56:24
So, I saw Waven was in beta or something, so I head to the page to download/signup and check it out.

Firstly, I downloaded the Ankama launcher after linking my Steam account. Can't log in to the launcher after verifying my email address and creating my 'Account Name'. Nothing works.

Secondly, I created a brand new account, not linked to Steam. Still can't log in to the launcher after verifying my email address and creating my 'Account Name'. 

Too difficult to do anything with this company; can't even log a support ticket without having to jump through hoops.

Why make it so difficult to do anything with this company? I have a launcher I can't log into, 2 accounts that don't work after verification, and no way to figure out what the !@#$ I need to do to make either of the accounts work.
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i created 2 accounts. same problem tho, i did everything and verified everything yet i can't log in. when i click the log in to facebook on wakfu launcher it still redirects me from logging in using the account name and password. but when i input my log in details it says http request failed or account incorrect. LOL. just downloaded the game and now im uninstalling it. bye
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Same! Except for me it goes in a loop; "Your email address is already confirmed"
OK THEN LET ME LOGIN? But nope, i cant... It just takes me back to the same screen on the launcher. On the website everything is fine.

I changed my e-mail address, confirmed it and after that it finally said my account is 100% complete.
I changed back to my original e-mail address and everything is fine now. I can finally login and download.

Also, i had to clear cache and switch to private windows for it to stop giving me anti-DDOS errors that would prevent me from confirming e-mails lol...
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