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WAKFU, Steam, and new Ankama Launcher

By - MONSTER - November 23, 2019, 16:28:27
i downloaded WAKFU via steam a few months ago... i have 50+ hours in the game... i was using the original launcher...

the other day, the new ankama launcher was forced on me... now when i want to play, i get the new launcher but it wants me to download the game again instead of using my existing installation... i've not done this yet... i did go through some routine to convert my account to an ankama account but i still have to use steam to log into the wakfu and ankama sites... i'm not sure what the problem is or why it exists...

i just want to play my existing game without having to pollute my system with another copy of the game... what am i supposed to do? uninstall from steam and completely reinstall? will that retain my existing account and game progress? this is getting aggravating and very saddening sad
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