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Ankama Launcher doesn't open on MacOS Catalina

By choukohaku#1243 - MONSTER - October 24, 2019, 16:40:27
Hi community! I have this problem and I reach out support, but they couldn't help me, so I'm trying here:

I upgrade my Mac to Catalina, and when I try to open Dofus 2 it shows this message "Adobe AIR : this application requieres a version of Adobe AIR which cannot be found... "

I try to download adobe air again but in the page it saids "Your operative system is no compatible with the last version of Adobe AIR.. "

The launcher logs were empty

Then I uninstall the launcher and installed it again, downloading the lastest version from the page, but now, It doesn't open at all. I try to installed it 3 times now.

I just bought Booster for 30 days on wakfu and I'm not able to play it, and the old launcher version of wakfu is going to dissapper next month T.T Pls help me.
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