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Issues with the new launcher on linux

By Nerd-Tease#5532 - MONSTER - October 23, 2019, 11:25:49
Originally, I couldn't even get the appimage to run. In a fresh environment and re-downloading this did not occur. a quick hash of the fresh download and the one I had this happen with showed there were changes, so I'm going to assume that issue was already resolved, and not go into the error details.

On Linux: (for each of the below, a fresh environment was created for testing, all of the below issues presented on both Fedora 30 and Ubuntu 18.04)

 - AppImage doesn't bundle a compatible standalone jre, installing open-jdk 10 resolved this.
 - additional note: only open jdk 1.8 (equivalant to Oracle Java 8) works properly for wakfu, this is problematic for reasons below

 - AppImage doesn't bundle a compatible wine version

Verification that neither the AppImage nor the installed apps bundled these (to ensure it wasn't a simple failure to set env vars for these) was done by using (file renamed in example)

./AnkamaLauncher.appimage --appimage-extract

As well as running a search for executables against the install paths.

More info:

After looking more, the startup process for the game just tries to pass a bunch of things to

java (for wakfu)
wine (for dofus)

The game and launcher make no attempt to specify a version or location for one of these programs, and are not compatible with the all of these. Just assumes they are available as that name with the correct version. Not including and specifying these is problematic. I have java installed for other reasons on my machine, and it is a higher version than compatible with wakfu. I should not have to uninstall other applications because Ankama screwed up with the new launcher.
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