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The launcher doesn't download the game for Linux

By aLittleDeath - MONSTER - March 20, 2019, 02:10:08


I'm trying to use the Ankama Launcher on Ubuntu, I'm able to install the launcher and open it normally, but I can't play Dofus, the launcher seen to be downloading the Windows version of the game, even if i'm on Linux. So when i click Play nothing happens.

Is this a bug?

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The same happens to me. Support don't give signals of life...

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Try to install WineHQ and Adobe Air; Maybe should work.

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Similar problem but with Wakfu, I posted a solution for wakfu (Linux - Kubuntu 18.04 x64bits)

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In the installation folder of dofus there is a file called '' open it with a text editor and check what it says, normally it would be "wine dofus.exe" , so that means you have to download wine, I personally don't like wine directly cuz it has some problems with the accents (áéíóú) so I recommend to use PlayOnLinux cuz you can configure a special wine instance just for dofus and just modify the first line of '', change the "wine dofus.exe" to '/usr/share/playonlinux/playonlinux --run "Dofus"', "Dofus" is the name of the virtual wine I created, so change that for yours.

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