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Error : http login failed, please help

By Finirael#2500 - MONSTER - October 27, 2021, 14:30:41
recently, I have been having a problem with my games and launcher : I would get forcfully disconected and when trying to connect back to the ankama launcher, I would get the error : "http login failed".
During this time, I would also not be able to access any ankama webites because of the error : "1005 ip adress has been banned" which scares me a bit.
I can still connect myself from other computers so it seems it doesn't come from my account, if I restart my machine I can access the websites but when I trigger the error from the laincher again, the same error 1005 comes from the websites, and all problems go away after a few hours.
I already changed my password and added security but it still happened to me 3 - 4 times and I don't know what is the problem or how to solve it.
If anyone has had this problem or know something about it please tell me, thanks.
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