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Steam & non-Steam Ankama Launcher // Share one WAKFU InstallDir // Steam overwrites non-Steam account credentials until a manual "Log-out"

By N3tRunn3r#9401 - MONSTER - November 21, 2019, 12:10:13
[Steam & non-Steam Ankama Launcher // Share one WAKFU InstallDir // Steam overwrites non-Steam account credentials until a manual "Log-out"]

Greetings there,

at first, I didn't have to re-download and to re-install WAKFU at all. Steam and non-Steam editions worked nearly instantly.

Though to be safe, I did a full uninstall, clean-up, PC reboot and reinstall of the latest Ankama Launcher and WAKFU, both on Steam and non-Steam.

Non-Steam edition works like a charm, no any issues as intended:
I have installed the Ankama Launcher (~178 MB ), changed/dragged-n-dropped its files from the %AppData Dir to my D:\ GamesDir, edited a RedEdit entry, launched it successfully and also installed and started WAKFU (~1.8 GB ) without any problems and errors. All fine!!

Though I wish there was an option to manually select an InstallDir of the Ankama Launcher. C:\ drive and %AppData is a mess since I want to keep my PC clean. C:\ is only for Software, Programs etc, not for Games and games-related stuff. Thanks in advance.

Steam edition runs without any issues as well, though there is a "bug" or maybe a "feature":
Afterwards I have installed the latest Ankama Launcher on Steam (~178 MB ) and started WAKFU from there. Also no any issues, yet. All my Steam-created characters are there. All cool. But then I have noticed, Steam hadn't to download & to install a 2nd copy of WAKFU, just a 2nd copy of the Ankama Launcher.

Well, Steam's WAKFU automatically shares the installed files with the non-Steam copy under "D:\Ankama\zaap\games\wakfu\". So Steam hadn't have to downlad & install a 2nd WAKFU copy under "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wakfu\", as mentioned already.

Is it a bug or more like a feature?

Now, a little issue happens:
When exiting Steam's WAKFU and closing Steam's Ankama Launcher which is stored under "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Wakfu\" (~178 MB ), as mentioned already again, then starting the non-Steam Ankama Launcher which is stored under "D:\Ankama\zaap\...", it automatically logs me in into my Steam's WAKFU account credentials. I can so even play my Steam Characters via the non-Steam Launcher.

I have to manually log-out and so can log-in to my non-Steam account credentials.

Is this also a bug or again more like a feature, too? I am guessing this is a Bug this time.

Well, I hope you get that stuff and understand it which I have explained. At least, everything is still there. Thank you!

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