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New Launcher Problems (One of them)

By Datsuki - MONSTER - November 12, 2019, 22:43:57

So, I posted it in Official Beta Discord, but it wasn't the right place for it, so here I go again...

I've lost a lot of time with new launcher today. I'm using it since it was released.
I noticed many bugs that was not present in old launcher
( for example, using new launcher, Haven World bugs really fast )
And today I got this problem:

When trying to "Repair" the game, since it was not opening
the "Repair" button keeps appearing even after the load

It Happened to me before, but just by restarting the launcher or the PC, it started to working again.
But today, it didn't. I uninstalled the game, and when trying to install it again..

it was returning to Install button

and I couldn't even "Uninstall" it, because it didn't even get installed.
So I restarted the pc one more time. Reinstalled everything.
And now the Download keeps pausing after 20 mb downloaded.

Then I need to pause the download manually, start it again, and it downloads more 20~30 MB and freezes again.

Restarting PC, Reinstalling Ankama Launcher, the WAKFU itself and even JAVA didn't work
I'll not even complain about losing booster time, since it's happening today and I still hope to fix it in the next hour
But I'm here just to inform you guys from Ankama about it and ask you... How can you guys think about removing the Old Launcher, since it's the most reliable one? At least for now.
Steam launcher has many market related limitations, New Launcher is the most unstable one

So.. I would like to request a few more days with the Old Launcher, or an answer from you guys about the New Launcher problems...

Thank you for reading.

And please, I'm waiting for an answer about it when you guys have time.

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I have the same problem, did they had time in 1 month to answer you somehow?

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I'm having this problem suddenly on one of my computers, wakfu works fine, but waven kept crashing when i launched it and krosmaga wouldn't even launch, so i uninstalled them both, but now krosmaga gets stuck at "RESUME INSTALATION" every time

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hey there, I have the same problem as you did right now, did you manage to fix it? And if you did, how so?

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stuck at Resume Installation sleep 

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did you find out how to fix that, im stuck on that too

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Stuck at 98% download of Dofus here. After a couple of days!

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yep i have same problem witk wakfu.. i press start to install and it stop it himself.. i press resume and it continue but stop after little bit again.. and so till 20 and then it normally say shuting down or somthing like that... any fix for this allready?

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My friend has the same issue, we tried a lot of different stuff to fix it, i will be keeping an eye out here if there will be a solution

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I recently wrote to support and this helped me. I had the bug where I chose to repair the client and whenever I reinstalled it just was the same process as the repair, thus I was not able to install the game.

Hello X,

We invite you to run a full cleaning in order to restart on the right foot.

Fully uninstall the Ankama Launcher. Check that there are no versions of the Ankama Launcher installed by going to the Control Panel, then uninstall a program If there is a version of the Launcher, remove it.

Then, download and install Ccleaner.
Run an error analysis (Registry section) and fix them.
Repeat this until you receive a "No error found" message.

Lastly, run a computer cleaner (Cleaner section), then reboot the computer.

Now you just have to download the Ankama Launcher again, then the game.

Did this solve your problem?[Daidalon] | Guardião do Krosmoz | Suporte Ankama

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So... here we go againg.

Week after week, i cant launch the launcher. Why? idk. Always a black screen when the launcher starts and then nothing. I try to uninstall but no uninstaller at all. And if i try to download it againg the installer says "you havent connection" and cant download the .7z file...

So... can we get a dd of the package.7z and stop the wheel? Thanks...

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im having this problem where after 50 mbs or so it just stops downloading

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