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What's the difference between Krosmaster Arena and Krosmaster Blast?

Krosmaster Blast doesn't require you to have already played or owned any content from the other Krosmaster games. Blast is a fresh approach to Krosmaster, combining attacking play with territory control, and forms a full-fledged game that we've been developing for almost two years.

What's being added?

Blast offers a new experience in the Krosmaster universe, as well as new additions in terms of gameplay.

- One of the main mechanics added to Krosmaster Blast is Glyphs.
Glyphs are of particular importance during the game, and provide a new way of winning.

- The victory conditions are also different in order to offer a gaming experience that is itself different.

- Another important addition in Krosmaster Blast is the appearance of two new types of cards: Divine Challenges and Krosmic Favors. We'll give you more details about this very soon.

- We've also revised the cards' ergonomics, which have changed from a vertical format to a horizontal format in order to improve their readability during the game.

Could you tell us more about the end-of-match conditions?

There are two ways to win in Krosmaster Blast:

- reduce the opposing Krosmaster's HP to 0;
- control more Glyphs at the end of the game if the previous victory condition wasn't met before the end of the tenth turn.

Could you tell us more about Glyphs?

Glyphs are special cells on the game board. When a Krosmaster moves over a Glyph or stops moving on a Glyph, they take control of it. Moreover, every time a Glyph is taken over, the active player takes control of the Dofus token, allowing them to perform certain actions for free. You'll find out more about this soon.

What about compatibility with the existing Krosmaster range?

The existence of an established community of Krosmaster Arena players obviously prompted us to consider this issue carefully.
At first, we want to do our best in order to possibly ensure compatibility of Blast profiles in Arena, thanks to the Kickstarter campaign. As for compatibility in the other direction, at this stage, we can't guarantee anything. As you can imagine, creating and adapting profiles is no small feat, and gameplay balance depends on it. However, we can already tell you that the future Krosmaster season (Gloomy Grove) will be fully compatible with Arena and Blast!

How much will the game cost?

Krosmaster Blast's Kickstarter version will be at 55€, including all stretch goals and exclusives!

Will the game be available in stores?

Krosmaster Blast is eventually planned for stores, obviously without the Kickstarter exclusives.