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History Is
Full of Secrets

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the characters
Eléonore Mansard
Eléonore Mansard teaches at a prestigious Parisian university. However, she's never completely satisfied behind her desk or in front of a classroom! As cultivated as she is dynamic, her real love is fieldwork. Her energy and boldness make her admirable - and sometimes unbearable!
Frank Gaspard
Frank Gaspard cuts an imposing figure, not only by his size but also by his resourcefulness. A true force of nature, he can fix just about anything he gets his hands on. Speaking of his hands, one of them was literally swallowed up by an infernal machine a few years back. The mechanical prosthetic he now wears is yet another example of his creative genius. This hulk of a man can also operate any vehicle. This emblem of virility does not intend to reveal his aversion for anything that has more than four legs during this adventure.
Rebecca Clark
Rebecca Clark is one of those women who's character is a tough as steel-reinforced concrete topped by barbed wire. But what can you expect? That's what it takes when you want to succeed in the very masculine world of explorers... She's always ready with a sharp comeback and quick to let her fists fly at the slightest provocation, but this American's tough-as-nails demeanor is not without its charm.
Rhiat Adjib
This Medjay knows the desert like the back of his hand. And its dangers too... What some might mistake for cowardice is in reality just perfectly justified caution and temperance. Preserving the treasures and customs of his land is extremely important to Rhiat. This is why he's chosen to accompany European expeditions - to keep an eye on greedy, unscrupulous explorers who have no problem besmirching the local cultures he loves so much.
the gameboard
list of components
7 scenarios with more than 350 game cards
4 Hero miniatures
4 player boards
More than 40 Monster miniatures
7 3D modular rooms
7 double-sided scenery tiles
More than 100 game tokens
4 backpacks
8 dice
An expedition logbook
A rulebook
the cards