Krosmaster Blast

Enjoy Ankama's colorful universe and unique style in this fun, quick skirmish game in which high-quality cards, game pieces and pre-painted miniatures come together in a design that's as cute as it is badass!

Monster Slaughter

A success on Kickstarter and monsters in your hands! Flip the script and lead a family of monsters (werewolves, vampires, zombies or golems) as they hunt down and slay insufferable college kids who have taken refuge in a cabin in the woods!


Games that bring the heroes from DOFUS and WAKFU together on a game board! Fans of miniatures, strategy and tactical combat, Krosmaster and all its variations are waiting for you... Come knock 'em flat on their figurines!


Set off on an expedition into the Wild Realms, and rally ferocious warriors ready for a fight to your side!


In prehistoric times, the Earth was still flat, and natural disasters were common. Take control of a species of dinosaur, and save it from extinction!

Kingdom Run

Every 100 years in the Kingdom of Ewala, the king organizes a grand race between the various clans in the kingdom in order to decide who will succeed him. Who will win the crown?


At the dawn of creation, embody one of the first deities trying to become the Grand Architect of the Universe. Play the stars and prove yourself worthy of the title!