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DOFUS: Battles available on the App Store on the 13th of May 2011
May 13, 2011 Video Games

A strategy game on iphone, ipod and ipad, set in the dofus universe. DOFUS: Battles, Ankama’s first iPhone and iPad game, is now available via the App Store.
In preview during the last Ankama Convention, the strategy game DOFUS: Battles will be released on the 13th of May in English, French and Spanish.

However, it is available in every country. This game is a blend of Tower Defence, real-time strategy and RPG. Offering a new and original adventure in the DOFUS universe, the World of Twelve, it hence uses the locations, characters, monsters and equipments featured in the MMORPG as well as several new elements.


Jeff Stobbs and the demon Naz T Peasawerk are becoming increasingly powerful and their aim is to take over the World of Twelve. In order to stop them, players will have to fight hordes of bloodthirsty monsters in epic battles which will put their strategy skills and reflexes to the test.

In DOFUS: Battles, the player manages an army, composed of a dragon and twelve heroes representing each of the gods from the World of Twelve. Each hero possesses his own unique spell (an offensive or a supportive spell). Their characteristics evolve as the adventure unfolds and the player has the possibility to upgrade their equipments to make them more powerful. Animakhal, the dragon invoked by the gods, has a very particular ability: by cloning heroes, he creates soldiers who can be used to fight the monsters.