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Ankama unveils Fly’n
May 04, 2012 Video Games
Ankama unveils its new game that takes place in an entirely new universe.

Ankama gave a small team free rein to develop FLY’N; a dreamy, atmospheric game full of quirky character. This single-player, platform-puzzle game is due to be available for PC, for keyboard and joypad.
In order to try and save the World-Trees threatened by Dyer (the mad hair-dryer), the player must switch between fourtree-born guardians (otherwise known as Buds) andutilise each of their individual aptitudes to the absolute max.
FLY’N will be submitted to the IndieCade jury on 6th and 7th October 2012.
To follow all the news on the game, go to the official devblog: