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Ankama’s latest game, Gobbowl, will get an international release in 2011
August 23, 2011 Video Games

Ankama launches a new strategy game dedicated to the emblematic sport of its universe. The international open beta will take place from the 8th to the 18th of September.


Gobbowl is a game stemming from Ankama’s imagination. It mixes rugby and American football. Two teams composed of five players will face each other according to specific rules. The aim is to ground the Gobball behind the enemy goal line.

Gobbowl is a free-to-play, online strategic sport simulation, which requires no installation (it is browser-based) and confronts two players. It features a unique, simultaneous turn-based gameplay system. Set in the universe of DOFUS and WAKFU, players can choose any of the of the 14 available character classes to join their Gobbowl team. Each player will be able to demonstrate their talents as a coach by sending their team to compete in epic games around the world!