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An update available today for the Xbox LIVE Arcade game Islands of WAKFU
May 28, 2011 Video Games

The game Islands of WAKFU, developed by Ankama Play, just received an important update, which offers in particular new difficulty modes and the possibility to unlock items in the MMORPG. Islands of WAKFU was released on the 30 March on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The Initiate mode of this action adventure game was a real challenge for some players.

As usual, Ankama listened to its community. Thanks to the update available today, the difficulty curve has been redesigned for even more dynamic fights and the difficulty is now better balanced (in particular for some bosses and a few moments which might have been difficult for young players). Some surprises await those who will give the demo a second try.

Moreover, two new difficulty options are now available in the Initiate mode. One is easier than the original Initiate mode; while the other is far more difficult. It’s the occasion for players of all ages and all levels to rediscover a rich mythology.

Other major update: after DOFUS, the achievements unlocked in Islands of WAKFU now allow the players to get exclusive items in the WAKFU MMORPG, currently in open beta (except North America). The items won during the beta will be transferred to new characters in the final version of the game.

Even the less seasoned players can now uncover the last secrets of the Eliatrope civilization.