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Video games... made in Ankama!

Following the launch of its very first game (Dofus MMO, released in 2004), Ankama quickly encountered enormous appreciation from both players and critics alike. A few years later, the group has made extraordinary progress and is a force to be reckoned with in the video game industry.
Dofus MMO is currently France’s most played MMORPG!

Halfway between a video game and an interactive cartoon, the concept behind each game developed by Ankama is as unique as the next. The games appeal to a wide audience, largely thanks to their colourful, manga-inspired graphic worlds, their ever-present off-the-wall humour, their gameplay and their remarkable accessibility.

Ankama’s approach is innovative, in that it places its games at the heart of a vast transmedia universe in which each game, series, comic or animation brings in new elements to enrich the fans’ understanding of the phenomenon as a whole.

Ankama also offers diversified gaming opportunities and creates real chances for cross-gaming between its different releases. From the Dofus and Wakfu MMORPGs to Xbox 360 adventure games (Islands of Wakfu), and from casual online Hack’n Slash or strategy games (Slage, Gobbowl, Arena) to games designed for mobile phones, iPhone and iPad (Dofus: Battles), the player is able to discover all the elements of the shared narrative universe: the Krosmoz.